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joining rdf galway?

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  • joining rdf galway?

    hi, new to the forum was wondering how to go about joining the reserve. im in galway city. is there a certain time they recruit? also can someone please describe briefly the time commitments necessary? would it all be in galway? thanks!

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    Hello Conor and welcome to IMO! I would suggest you contact Renmore barracks in Galway and ask for RDF HQ. Recruitment is usually ongoing. We are about to start back training after the winter so most units will be actively seeking recruits.

    As for commitment, we train on a Thursday night from 2000 hrs and every second Sunday from 1000hrs. for recruits, there is a two week recruit camp where you train collectively with recruits from other units and then return to your own unit for specialty training etc.

    You can always call in person to the barracks itself and ask for an application form or if you wish you can find out when units are training and ask can you attend and get a form then.

    If you are interested in joining Transport company and learning how to drive (for free!) and getting your full licence (again for free!) PM me and I can give you more details.

    Hope this helps.
    Go Mairidís Beo


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      For the location and time check out the rdf unit location finder on
      As for commitment there is usually a bit of leeway given for people with jobs or in collage etc, They should tell you the situation about where things will be done etc when you go in to join up.Have fun.
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        Heya lad and fair play for thinking of joining. I spent some time with the engineers up in Renmore barracks in Galway and found them to be a very switched on and good unit (2-3 yrs ago) they even brought me an infantry type on camp with them.
        Check the unit finder on and it will tell you what units are stationed in Renmore all will have similar training schedules more than likely on different nights of the week so pick the one that you want to do and that suits you best.
        As was said lee-way is given with regard to studies job etc but you will have to put in some effort.
        But it is worth it.
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          Unit finder is all over the shop, it says our HQ is in Ballinasloe!!!

          Here are the Units:
          (Mod please note I'm not sure whether this is opsec or not so delete if need be)


          51st Infantry battalion (A Coy)
          54 Lsb (Medical Coy and Tpt coy)
          54 Engineers
          54 Arty regt. (Not sure which battery)
          54 MPC (Military Police)
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            thanks very much lads very useful replys, cheers!!


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              Conor theres a very good Arty Regiment there too