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Webbing and what works best!

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  • Webbing and what works best!

    I bought protac irish DPM pattern webbing about a year and a half ago and its ****ing great stuff i have it configured with 2 double ammo pouchs at the front 2 water pouchs 3 kidney pouchs at the back and a poncho roll on top of the kidney pouchs and it works great afew mates have the same stuff but configured differently with different pouchs and the sort my mate has a chest rig and i have tried it and i find it works much better when doing FIBUA training plus pouchs do not whack off door frames or corners., also that '58' CEFO is absolute BOLLOCKS of the highest order thats why i got my own set of webbing, and when is the PLCE gear coming the army got it for the Resevres pretty quick for the armys big excerise when the press where going to show up.

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    Those krusty fat cats up in Phoenix park are to blame for all this press scullduggery, gan amhras!


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      well on a personal note i find P.L.C.E. works great.... but i only use issue P.L.C.E. (when not doin F.I.B.U.A.) like most in my company i have purchased the (irish pattern) dpm type II chest rig from army bargins.... but its only good for F.I.B.U.A.,anything else and you might as well be using a handbag. as for protac's version of P.L.C.E. .... tryed it once but preffer the issue stuff!
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        Well thanks T.I.M for the input but personally i don't like the issue P.L.C.E its a bitch to setup a times plus when it wet it get heavyer unlike the protac stuff which does not. i was in army bargains the other day did you ever see the tact-vest for a 190 euro's what a rip, i think the only people that might use it is 'The Wing' it has about 40 ammo pouchs 30 9mm pouchs and a 1000 slots for shotgun shells. imagine going to Annual Camp with it you'd look like a right twat.


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          There is a Video and Manual available on the correct procedure for setting up the PLCE in CEFO and CEMO. Watching it may help you to fit it properly. You'll find that if you do it right first time,you need never adjust anything again except the belt clip,as you get fatter/thinner(delete as applicable).
          The large Pouch to the rear of the CEFO is agreed to be a non runner,and replacing it with numerous small utility pouches is far superior. Best thing to do is to ask advice from somebody who wears it regularly,like a guy coming off 24 hour for example..He is sure to give you the real deal!
          The reason you find your rig so difficult in FIBUA is there is too much junk there. 2 water bottles is excessive for thic country. Perhaps in Sudan 2 may be necessary but not in Gormanstown. Water Bottles are heavy when full and bulky when empty..they also make noise.
          The Manual,for normal situations suggests the following arrangement.
          Left front. Ammo Pouch(4 magazines),Bayonet frog.
          Right Front. Small utility Pouch,water bottle

          The 5th magazine is kept either inside the jacket or in a convenient pocket,but Inside the jacket is the preferred option.The utility pouch on the left front is far more useful for carrying MAG ammo/grenades etc than a second ammo pouch would be.
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            I have to agree with Fonz the 58 is crap but the PROTAC stuff is 1st rate. I have my set for about 4/5 years and its in excellent condition after all this time (YES I do use it!!!). I have to admit after using the PROTAC webbing it breaks my heart to put back on the 58 stuff when doing a course, not to mention breaking my back also.

            I was thinking of upgrading my webbing to the new style DPM and purchasing an assualt vest, for Bty deployments when working in a confined space such as a CP, but am not sure as I hear stories about the issue of the PLCE in the near future. Has anyone got real info on this, no second hand stories please...


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              The DOD bean counters must be rubbing their hands with glee reading these posts.

              ''I dont know how to drive but where can I buy a Protac DPM Ford Transit for my unit as well, with 10 disc CD changer and leather seats ? ''

              Walters . . . . . . don’t you just luv em.


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                Is it any wonder their never going to replace 58 pattern


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                  well i feel sorry for some 4 lads in my Coy that are doing the POTs course this year and have there own protac gear and have to wear the smelly 58 in are store, and are stuff is in rag order i tells ya.


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                    well i feel sorry for some 4 lads in my Coy that are doing the POTs course this year and have there own protac gear and have to wear the smelly 58 in are store, and are stuff is in rag order i tells ya.
                    I did a course last summer and had to wear the 58 stuff, what a pain the arse! Having said that I can appreciate the need for uniformity especially on a course, I can assure you that as soon as I got back to my unit the 58 stuff was thrown back under the stairs and my PROTAC webbing was back on. When/if we do get the PLCE webbing I will be VERY happy to hand back the 58 crap.