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    Stupid Question....

    Why do they FCA AD Batteries wear Southern Brigade and Eastern Brigade flashes (2 Bty E, 3 Bty S, 4 Bty S), when the AD Regiment is based in the DFTC. Why do they not wear a DFTC flash?

    Even if they are physically located in the Brigade Op Comm areas, the Regiment is in the Curragh, and so the Batteries should be in the DFTC too, not physically, but for Op Comm purposes...

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    There is no such thing as a stupid question - just stupid people!!! (Earhart hugs Kermit)

    When I asked - I was told that our HQ was in Clonmel and we were part of the S Bde, and not under the DFTC command yet (except Regimental HQ). All our stuff goes through S Bde HQ RDF........

    Other than that - we don't wear Brigade Flashes any more ...... (appart from the No. 1's)
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      Correct....the FCA or RDF has yet to come under the new brigade structure and as such the DFTC is not relavent to the afore mentioned.
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        You will notice that even under the restructuring the AD Bty's still come under the S Bde and the E Bde and the PDF bty in the DFTC and not all under the DFTC command per say.
        This doesn't really answer your questions Kermit, but its like this. The AD bty's fall under the different Bde regimes but have their ADR HQ in the DFTC...
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          Ive heard from a good source that the 4ad in Ccobh is going and it going to become part of the new south munster bn. is that true anyone??
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            There will still be two AD bty's in the S Bde. There may be a bit of 'jiggery pokery' but I don't think they will be gotten rid of.......poor boforgunner
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              All I have heard in the rumour mill about this is that they will be moving from cobh to either Haulbowline or Collins Barracks. The property they are sitting on(which is quite large compared to other similar sized units) Is worth soo much to retain for use once a week.

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                no comment
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