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Humvees in Iraq

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  • Humvees in Iraq

    Has anyone any feedback on how are the up-armoured Humvees performing in Iraq?

    There seems to be a lot of Humvees, armoured I suppose, getting knocked out by RPGs, have seen many pictures of blazing Humvees on CNN.

    It has been mentioned here that Eagle is the favoured option for the LTV, should there be a re-think, as I'm sure the O'Gara-Hess armouring is as good as GD's (Mowag's)? I know there were some problems with O'G-H at the start of the programme, however this was reportedly corrected and O'G-H paid a fine.

    ps I originally intended to add this to a thread regarding the possibility of the DF going to Iraq, but the thread seems to have disappeared?

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    HINT: look in the IRAQ section :D

    Most (all?) the Humvees used by the US in Iraq are unarmoured versions AFAIK.


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      RPGs are designed to destroy -tanks-. Armoured HMMWVs are most certainly not designed to stop RPGsS. You're trying to hold them to a standard they weren't designed to be held to.

      Driver, tracks, troops.... Drive and adjust!!


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        You could always just bring in the H2's.....:p
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          CT, you're right of course, I'm not sure any light armoured vehicle could withstand an RPG.

          However, I was thinking more on the lines that the Humvee was originally designed as a very light, highly maneuverable vehicle with a very high power to weight ratio.

          It was intended that it's speed and maneurability would get it out of danger from direct fire weapons and it's lack of weight would offer minimal resistance to mines and therefore, the theory went, would avoid the full effects of the blast.

          By armouring such a vehicle you lose these design features and therefore it may be more vunerable than was first thought.

          As the Eagle is based on the Humvee, same engine, gearbox, suspension and almost same body, the same logic would apply.

          I may be completely of track in my thinking and hence the question.

          On a related point, it was reported that the DF were considering armouring some Land Rovers in the 70s/80s but shelved the idea based on reserch/information from the British Army.