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Military Music in The DF

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  • Military Music in The DF

    Has the DF any equivalent of the Regimental March, i.e. a piece of music associated with a particular units, or corps?

    Are there any standard pieces for different occasions?

    Ireland's always had a good supply of military bands, have other musical traditions developed over time?

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    I have had the pleasure of marching behind the 4bn Pipe band and the Band of the (then) Southern Command, but they were outclassed by the USAFE Band who took part in the 2002 Patricks day parade in Limerick.

    There are numerous tunes that are associated with the irish defence forces but most music is selected based on the event taking place, whether in quick time or slow time. It also depends on the audience. Most of the Massed bands concerts that tour the country pay little more than a nod to military music, and more time to "contemporary" music.
    The Army school of music is not Irish by tradition either,but follows the german style,Which is more reed than brass biased.
    Also the octave limitations of the bagpipes limit the military airs that can be played when the pipe bands are used.

    I remember on one particular occasion,at a commissioning the band played "Liberty Bell" by Souza,which is better known as the theme for monty Pythons flying circus...there was much muffled laughter as those familiar with the tune considered its aptness.

    I heard in recent times however that there is an ongoing row between the ASM and the pipe bands, the former not considering the Pipe bands, as part time band members,and full time soldiers,are not "Proper" musicians

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.