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  • PNCO Courses for Corps Units

    This really apllies to all the corps lads and lassies though the PBI's are welcome to comment.

    Do you think that corps units should have a pnco course just for them. Like the all the Arty units training their pnco's together.

    I know the first objection would be numbers but lets take the arty as a example:

    Every year one regt would take responsibilty for the pnco course and train them as party of summer camp, so the 6th this year 7th next and so on, the same within the sigs, S&T, Cav etc.

    i think that the course would be more relevant to the attendee's than a inf course.

    I think that a pure infantry nco course doesnt make a good corps nco

    what y'all think?
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    The Problem with the pots course is not that it's an Infantry pots course but that its Run by Infantry every corps should have one week(at least) of a POTS course to train its own Gunners, Signalmen, Troopers, Privates, Medics etc.(Of course MP's have their own course and I wouldn't have it any other way)

    Then A Final Brigade Module of the course focusing on the things generic to all corps, COFD and AD, method of instruction, Weapons instruction, Guard commanders orders, Military Law, Dress and Deportment. Etc.

    I found it Funny that half my course was taken up training Medics and Transport Privates the Specifics of Section in Attack and Giving Patrol orders. alot of them hadn't done it before and I doubt they've done it since. Mind you they were better than some of the Infantry Privates

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      I think a two week course based on Infantry lines should be compulsory for all Units regardless of role - including the PAs. Basic tactics at section level are common to all corps, and since NCOs are responsible for training recruits they should be fully conversant in this area. Once the Bde Cse is completed they should then run a Corps-specific Cse to train them up in the mysteries of the S&T or the Arty or whatever. The only exception is the Medics who I think should not undergo weapons or combat training.
      The only reason Command PNCO courses were introduced was that the quality of NCO trained by individual units varied so much across different units because some units demanded a lot from Cse students and others promoted merely on the basis of seniority, turning the Cse into a joke.


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        I can only speak for my own unit on this matter, but we in the 6 FAR train our PNCO's at Regimental level only. This could be partly due to the fact that the other two FCA units in the DFTC are Infantry (9 Bn and 10 Bn).

        As one person stated earlier, no matter what Corps you are from you are a soldier first and foremost that means we all need to have a basic understanding of Inf. tactics. But if you take the tactics out of the equation the remainder of the course syllabus is more or less generic to all units. So therefore why not combine the Brigade PNCO's and train them together, pool equipment, instructors, admin and have one (hopefully!!!) well run, well kitted out course.

        At the end of the day, the PNCO's Cse is only a foundation or stepping stone for bigger and better things, an Inf. Cpl is not much use to an Arty unit it's only when s/he does their DC's Cse (Detachment Commanders Cse) with the Arty School that they will become a qualified Arty NCO. But if the shit hits the fan and the Bty area is hit-up by enemy Inf. we will have to revert to Inf. tactics and section in attack.

        I suppose the question then is why not combine the two courses! I suppose the answer to that is simply take your time and do it right. Learn your junior NCO skills off well as they will be always with you as an NCO or an Officer, spend some time on the job training for the Corps skills required with your sub unit and then with that experience, complete the Corps course - at the end of the day you should have a well trained experienced Corps qualified NCO.

        This should be the same whether it’s a Standards Cse or a Pot Officers Cse, with these courses just think of the level of experience that other members of the course from other Corps are bringing with them, things that you can’t learn form a book or classroom instruction!