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Recruitment/Promotion Embargo (untill end of 2010!)

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  • Totally agree with the above. If you find yourself temporarily unemployed, let your unit know. Plenty of man days to be used and more can be given. Right now there is no requirement to call up the RDF and we need to help our DF, they are down circa 1000 people and we could fill that gap temporarily. The increase in the allowance announced last night wont pay all my Bill's but a weeks FTT will. Now I know this wont suit everyones financial needs but it does do mine. My unit is giving me at least 3 weeks FTT starting very shortly. You should all do the same if you can.
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    • And spread the word, most young people might not know this is available to them.
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      • Does anyone know if accepting FTT will deny you any of the COVID allowances currently being mooted by the Government ?
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        • I have no idea but I'm not going to let that stop me. I'm waiting to here what the detail is for ex PDF to go back.


          • Thats fair enough. Ive made my availability known and an just waiting i suppose.


            • Current numbers. Shocking.
              The following table details the current strength (Whole Time Equivalent) figures of the Permanent Defence Force, as of the 30th April 2020, and those of the agreed establishment.
              Branch Establishment Strength Shortage
              Army 7520 6867 653
              Air Corps 886 726 160
              Naval Service 1094 892 202
              Total 9500 8485 1015
              The Government remains committed to returning to, and maintaining the agreed strength of the Permanent Defence Force at 9,500 personnel as set out in the White Paper on Defence (2015). In that context recruitment will continue throughout 2020 targeting General Service Recruits, Cadets and specialists for the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service.
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                4 years?

                Try 11 !


                • Originally posted by na grohmiti View Post

                  To put the NS figures in perspective

                  approx additional 100 personnel in training

                  Senior Officer/NCO fulltime shore based positions approx 70

                  Fulltime shore based appointments (MP, PSS, MT Fitters, Ordnance etc) approx 30

                  Non operational (seagoing) personnel approx 30

                  Thats 664 all ranks to man 9 ships

                  Considering you have 13 PO/Cooks to man 7 seagoing positions the rotation of 2 years out is already gone.

                  If you lose one of more due to medical issue etc, then your lucky to get one year ashore before rotation back to sea.....

                  Rotations for Senior Officers approx 2 years out, 6+ years in.

                  Now it becomes clear why mostly Junior Ranks are discharging.

                  More time at sea for less a day than a Pte gets per day in Portlaoise Prison

                  Increase in PDA & SDA could solve a lot accross the board in the DF


                  • Excellent news that there are now 40 new AR Sgts


                    • Originally posted by DeV View Post
                      Excellent news that there are now 40 new AR Sgts
                      Yep, heard AR 2 Bde went gang busters in this regard
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