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  • Disharged???

    Hi guys,
    got a bit of a problem, spent a few years with an fca inf unit in cork. Did a pots course and held cpl rank for 3 years. When I finished college went to work overseas for 4 years. Came home and tried to transfer to a unit closer to home. Only to find out i was put on the non effective list and discharged. My questions are:

    1: When I sign up again do I have to do my 2* and 3* camps?
    Ive trained and instructed on the fn,steyr,bren and gpmg. Like teaching an old dog old tricks!

    2: Will I have to get a new service number?
    Each number issued is unique can they reactivate my old number from records therefore eliminating the need for me to sign up again and be able to keep my old rank.

    3: Does anyone know of anybody who has been discharged, signed up again and kept their rank?
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    Yes, but I am open to correction on this because this happened in the early 90's

    a cpl from our unit when to oz and was discharged came back about 18 months later (wife? couldnt settle) and re-enlisted.

    He had to enlist as a recurit and got a new service number however within a month he was returned to his old rank.

    Once your discharged your old records are closed so if you signup again you need a new record so you will get a new service number. The promotion may depend on the attitude of the CO, our unit at the time only had 3 attending cpls so they needed as many as they could get their hands on.

    I think now you will probably be kept at rec level for a few weeks to brush up on drill etc (gotta get the timimg right!) but as they have changed the pnco course in the last few years they may not accept your qualification so might only get to 3*

    Ask before you join though

    Good luck
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      tend to agree with th above .depends on your record .Most units would take you in as a 2 to 3 star and after a time m you acting up but I'm afraid you will have to retake the POTS course. But of course your previous service will be of benefit to you.Enjoy!
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        Many tks. forgot to mention I have been parading with my new unit for 2 months now as a rec while i was waiting for my transfer papers. Unfortunatly had been given the run around as to which unit was responsible (i was enquiring too close to christmas me thinks).

        Is the new Pots course more difficult? or is it better?
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          It all depends on your new unit. As mentioned above you will have a new number. When you enlisted (again) on your 517 you should have put details of your previous service, this would allow those details to be given to your new unit (your previous unit wll probably no longer have those details). The actual syllabus for the PNCO's course has not changed in a considerable amount of time (though how units interpret the course has). Your new unit should be able to argue promotion based on the result of that course. You can be promoted through the ranks (recruit, 2 star & 3 star) fairly fast by having your new unit set up a testing board to assess your skills. Also your previous service will count towards your service medal once you are two years in your current service.