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Looking to Id Irish Belt & Buckle.

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  • Looking to Id Irish Belt & Buckle.

    Hallo fellow members,

    I looking to id this leather belt & buckle to a specific time period and Unit use:-

    I believe it to be from an Irish Military Band, circa the 1950's to 1960's

    but I stand open to correction.

    Many thanks,

    Connaught Stranger.
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    Is that an Irish Guards capbadge attached to the belt?


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      Originally posted by Barry View Post
      Is that an Irish Guards capbadge attached to the belt?
      Looks like it from that angle...
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        The belt has some other badges attached to it, the owners family history indicates these were from family members who served time in the British Forces, this was obviously done after the belt left Irish military service.


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          It is a volunteer force belt buckle from the 1930's, not to be mistaken with the Irish Volunteers of 1915.
          If you look carefully along the belt you might see and Army number stamped on it.