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    Does your unit / sub-unit take a summer break after camp?

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    no, we get all dec/jan off, too cold and wintery then...


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      we took a 3 week break in june for ppl doin exams


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        We take approx 2/3 weeks at Christmas (there actually used to be a directive (think it is an "A" DFR that due to the end of the training year being 31 December that units shouldn't parade between x Dec & y Jan) and usually close down after camp untill September (apart from admin (after camp)) but there are sometimes events in late August.


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          We took 3 or so weeks off for people doing the Leaving. After camp in the Summer we usually take August off and then last 2 weeks in December and first week of January.
          I don't like taking August off, good weather(sometimes) going to waste


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            Have to say that the break during the Leaving Cert is a good idea,
            in many respects.

            No break in recruit training, the troops are constantly available

            Allegedly, the weather is good in August, but not that I' ve noticed !

            The trend for the last few years has been for a burst of a good 2 weeks
            in SEPTEMBER, otherwise, the weather is in the lap of the Gods !

            As it stands, we finish up after FTT (usually mid July) and are back the
            beginning of September. We also break for Xmas, as Dev has mentioned

            The downside of training in August is that personnel who are married with
            young children - July/August is the window they have for family holidays

            Depending on the unit, it could be either month for FTT....
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              we take the alleged summer off as well as perhaps 3 weeks at x mass , its not a bad thing to take a month or so off would probably be better in January , what i dont like is how its treated as a new year and everything has to start again there is no concurrent activity during the break to insure we hit the ground running
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                I always considered it a huge waste of time, however, it is also the time when most people take holidays,(i.c Cadre, and we can't function without them......) and the general view is that nobody would be about to parade.
                However some units do not return till late september, when the evening light has gone. So the result is we wipe out most of August, and most of december for "holidays", and the majority of june is lost to exams...
                We are almost as bad as primary schoolteachers.

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                  My unit used to take a break from camp to mid september with some persons returning in mid august to form teams for the PP barry Cup etc.

                  never thought of itas a good idea as most leesons were learned on camp and should have been introduced immediately while they were still fresh in the minds of people.

                  In saying that having done three weeks on the road after a PSO I was often glad to the see the back of guys for a few weeks.

                  I think that it was a fact that most industry closed down for the last week in July/ first week inauguast units also cllosed down to allow for some family time. This was when the FCA gave a shit about familes.
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