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    Why doesn't your CC take some control then? Or any officer really. He doesn't have Veto power on anything, but he can slow things down enough that it stops everything.
    I probably am wrong, sorry about that!!!

    Please PM me to correct me.

    But, not if I state an opinion, only if I state something as truth!!!

    I have bad opinions but I stick by them!!!


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      reservists shouldn't engage with cadre, apart from a friendly chat;
      all reserve business should be confined to the chain of command;
      no reservist below the rank of cs or cq should seek information from the cadre;
      even then, the cs and/or cq should discuss the matter with their officers;
      second hand info is worth nothing and should be treated as such;
      if a reservist wants to go on a course he/she should ask a superior ranking reservist and the matter should progress up the chain to the appropriate authority;
      similarly, cadre shouldn't volunteer info to reservists unless its appropriate;
      i recall a cadre training sgt many years ago phoning a reservist to tell him he was about to be appointed an officer in the reserve;
      the reserve sub-unit commander threw a fit because he believed it was his place to inform one of 'his' men that he was about to be promoted;

      many cadre are worth their weight in gold;
      the good ones don't stick their noses in where they don't belong and certainly don't interfere with the selection process for courses;
      if the unit CO wants their opinion re a candidate, rest assured he/she will ask for it;
      the problem, if one exists, is of our own making by our placing too much unofficial authority in the hands of cadre;
      if we bestow upon them powers they actually shouldn't have then we are actually undermining our own chain of command and disrespecting our reserve leaders;
      the greatest problem i've encountered in this regard, in my 33 years of service, is when i discovered that incorrect arrangements and plans were being communicated to recruits by the driver/storeman;
      eventhough reservists had told the recruits the correct information, the recruits chose to believe what they were later told by the friendly driver/storeman;
      the recruits were collected for training by the driver.storeman, handed their kit by him, and returned to their home locations by him;
      they also saw him as the man who made the tea & distributed the biscuits;
      he entertained them in the transit with tales of his very long service and was kind of looked upon as a friendly uncle-type by them;
      sure why wouldn't they treat everything he says as gospel;
      he was a friendly talkative oul divil who was liked by all but he was daft too and had a habit of doing/saying the wrong thing, not maliciously of course;
      his pdf cq had a fulltime job sorting out things after him;
      we all liked him and tolerated his eccentricities;
      his unintentional relaying of 'countermanded' orders to easily influenced recruits shouldn't have happened but at least it was a lesson learned for all concerned, especially reserve leaders;
      (i suppose it makes a change from an out-of-touch, daft, old-time, excessive drinking reserve character giving recruits wrong info in a pub).

      in my unit we are now blessed in that two of our cadre cq's are ex-rangers and they are excellent at their job;
      their subordinate cadre perform their roles appropriately and demarcation, supported by good communication, is facilitating the smooth running of the unit;
      long may it last.
      as for that driver/storeman, i hope he happily enjoys his retirement and pension for many years to come.


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        Originally posted by bagel View Post
        similarly, cadre shouldn't volunteer info to reservists unless its appropriate;
        Strongly disagree... my cadre send me details as they get them to give the troops as much notice as possible.

        The chain of command isn't as quick

        many cadre are worth their weight in gold;
        the good ones don't stick their noses in where they don't belong and certainly don't interfere with the selection process for courses;
        Part of the cadre's roll is to advise & supervise (in our unit at least, and that offical!)

        long may it last.
        Read the snip report?

        Having said that if decisions are to be made it is the chain of command that makes the decisions (remember in all units the CO is part of the Cadre (or is in addition)). Our cadre only step in if there is a problem or foresee a problem.

        Also our sub-unit cadre aren't involved in selection for courses, infact in most cases all applications are approved and it is up to battalion/brigade to allocate places (cadre may/maynot be involved there). Cadre may encourage people to apply for courses that is all.

        I'd hear about most courses (even some PDF) that are on offer, nothing heard about kayaking, there was a CTI course last year.
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          Sounds like an adventure training course ( read kayaking, surfing, swimming etc) normally run in Lahinch. Guys from the 3Bn that I was on Ex with recently said that there was one very soon.
          "The Question is not: how far you will take this? The Question is do you possess the constitution to go as far as is needed?"


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            Thanks fors the replys lads. I am in a similar situation to you koppiteal....

            The course has been and gone as far as im aware but i will look into the next one.