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  • Replacement medals

    Hi troops, just wondering if anybody has any idea where one would purchase replacement/spare overseas medals and ribbons??
    i've trawled the net but all i seem to be able to find are yank and brit medals that don't cover all the irish missions eg timor, liberia even the irish UN medal.

    Any help would be much appreciated, cheers

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    MMI is proud to provide medals, trophies and awards to some of the biggest organisations in international sports. We provide bespoke awards service online.

    These guys make medals for the UN and Irish Army. Based in Dublin. They may be able to help you if you give them a call.


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      Your UN medals can be replaced by filling out the appropriate form that should be available through your company office. There used to be a $5 charge per medal. Or you could go here...

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        Cheers guys


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          Or could they be handed into a jewellers or trophy shop?
          As all you are lookign for is the ribbon, all you would need is the fabric for them.


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            If your still serving you can pick up ribbons very easily, usually within your own barracks for a small cost. I certainly had no issue getting replacement ribbons, they were sold in the canteen!

            UN medals, as one post already stated are available via a form and a few quid. Service medals, go through your unit, as a service medal is a personal issue. If your not serving any more try DFHQ to steer you in the right direction


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              The dry canteen in McKee used to sell the ribbons. Not the medals though.


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                While we're taking about medals, does anyone have contact details for someone who will mount my medals for me? If he/she is a serving member please send by PM. Cheers in advance.


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                  Just sent you by pm phone no and name of person who will mount them for you.
                  Lock and load


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                    Originally posted by EL_CAPATIANO View Post
                    Just sent you by pm phone no and name of person who will mount them for you.
                    Could you do the same for me please

                    My medals could do with a spring clean

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                      Hi there! Does anybody know where I can get a copy of my ribbons made in enamel?