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    I was just recently reading an issue of An Cosaintóir from a few years ago, 2006 I think it was, and in the picture parade there was a BQMS standing down who was one of the last few Congo veterans still serving at the time.

    Just out of curiosity I wonder if there are any Congo veterans still serving in the DF. And if not when did the last one retire?
    If, say, the last Congo veteran did retire, it would have been in An Cosaintóir and would have even been mentioned in the media, who reported the retirement of the NS Lt Comdr who served 49 years.
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    Not an answer, but has anyone read the book " The Far Battalions" by David o Donoghue ? I have just ordered it, about the armys Un mission in the Congo. Are there any other books about it ?
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      Smith, Raymond. The fighting Irish in the Congo. Dublin: Lilmac, 1962. 192 p.


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        i doubt if they are any but maybe the army lads will give an answer .. we had a chap who was there and he has just retired out of security at our main entrance 21 years army and the rest security here. nobody messed with him ..