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    Here's a thread for people to pass on useful hints and tricks they've heard of.

    - Use the liquid from an activated cyalume light stick to mark features on the ground at night. They are less conspicous than the stick itself, but easily found if you know what to look for.

    Any more?

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    This is one I got from an ex-RM commando.

    Instead of carrying a second pair of boots you carry a pair of runners & a pair of NBC overboots. Should you need to take off your boots for prolonged periods of time, you still have waterproof footware & it doesn't take up room in the luggage.

    That guy wore NBC overboots throughout the Falklands war. While the DMS boots of others fell apart & lead to trench foot he was relatively unscathed.
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      Here's a much better idea....join a corps unit and keep your feet dry all of the time!!!


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        Hydration packs- one of the best buys I've ever made, even if I've only used it about three times.
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          well i spose most people know this one....... but for those of you who Don't....

          How to Use your watch as a compass....

          1)Point the hour hand at the sun.
          2)Then bisect the angle between the hour hand and the 12 o'clock Position.

          This line is Due South.

          oops.... sorry to those of you who only have digital watches... ha ha

          oh yea.... and there is another method if you happen to have a needle with you.....

          just magnetise the needly by rubbing it off a piece of clothing (silk is best) then put it on a leaf. And place the leaf in some non flowing water.
          And there you go.... .. A crude compass... but does the job.....


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            I suppose it would be helpful if the sun actually came out in this country:flagwave:
            If your not in bed by 4 o' clock it's time to go home!


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              Khumbo - if it is 6 o' due south at 3 o'clock, or inline with 12 or 6?
              also if it is 7 o'clock do you bisect from 7 to 12 (ie 10 o clock position) or do you go the other way around the face (ie between 3 and 4)...

              Reading back on the question I hope it maks sense...It is 1:30 in the morning!:D


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                1, "how to dry your boots"
                If your feet are small enough, when out on the ground in a patrol harbour when your feet are soaking wet, put on fresh socks and place them in zip lock bags! then put your boots on and you boots will dry out from the friction & heat generated thus dry boots

                2, "removing camo cream"
                This ones easy... use shaving FOAM not gel! the chemicals in the foam dissovle the wax in the camo cream and it just wipes off you!

                3, "quicker cooking on the ground"
                Another simple one.... place second (or buddys) mess tin over yours when cooking, higher pressure = lower boiling point of water = quick chow!
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                  Agreed....just dont wet them first..

                  Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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                    Originally posted by T.I.M.

                    3, "quicker cooking on the ground"
                    Another simple one.... place second (or buddys) mess tin over yours when cooking, higher pressure = lower boiling point of water = quick chow!
                    I doubt the second mess tin is going to be sealed tightly enough to the first to allow pressure to build up. Could it not be just the simple fact that the second mess tin reduces heat lost upwards?

                    You have the pressure / boiling point relationship backwards anyway...


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                      You are not suppose to use the mess tins when cooking the tind meals anyway you are suposed to put the container straigh on to the hexistove.


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                        Watch Compass

                        Hi there, johny-no-stars........ in answer to your question...

                        .... you go clockwise before noon and anti-clockwise in the after noon....

                        example: BEFORE NOON :if it is 8 AM , point the hour hand at the sun, bisect halfway to the "12".... and the South line will be at the "10" position.

                        example: AFTER NOON : if it is 4 PM, point the hour hand at the sun, bisect halfway to the "12"....... and the South line will be at the "2" position.

                        Hope that clarify's it for ya........


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                          Find your Direction from the stars.

                          well here's another one if you don't have a compass ..... this is for night time, when you can't use the watch method because the sun is gone.....

                          you can tell the direction from the stars, there are loads of methods and some are complicated and others require you to know the different constellations.

                          This method , in my opinion is the easiest since you don't have to learn off any contellations etc.

                          Just pick any star in the sky, and remember it, look at it for about 15 minutes,....

                          If the star rises you are facing east.......
                          if the star falls you are facing west........
                          if the star goes left you are facing North...
                          it the star goes right you are facing South...

                          ....and no, you don't have to learn them off, just learn one, and you know the rest.....


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                            Put the container straight on the hexi... good one, I would like to see you try that with the plastic containers.


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                              Apparently, 2 pairs of lighter socks are better on your feet than 1 pair of heavier socks. When walking/marching/running the inner sock rubs against the outer one instead of rubbing against your skin (and ****ing up your feet)