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    I' ve just read August's issue of Connect (the newsletter that comes with An Cosantoir - can' t understand why the extra pages can't just be added onto the magazine each month, instead of adding a supplement, but anyway...)

    A DF first has recently occurred with the promotion to Lt Col of the first
    female officer in the Defence Forces. Lt Col Anne Ryan has been appointed as Commandant of the Medical School of CSSC, and Senior Medical Officer, DFTC. Lt Col Ryan entered DF service in 1981.

    Many congrats to Lt Col Ryan, wonder how long it will take a female officer from a LINE unit to attain similar high rank?
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    Connect is available free in all barracks,it is stuck in with an cosantoir for those who do not have access to barracks.

    I assume The Lt Col was a doctor before she was a soldier(I think she spent a lot of time in the leb). But if you consider the amount of female officers that were comissioned in recent years compared to the 80s,by the laws of averages I would expect to see far more Female officers reach senior rank.
    The Gardai have been accepting women for much longer, and the amount of Female officers above Inspector rank can be counted on one hand.
    All it takes is ambition. In the past(as is currently the case with certain individuals in the RDF) the women Joined just to say they made the grade,were as good as the men,instead of having career ambitions of their own. Once they got past cadet school they had the tendancy to rest on their laurels. They failed to see past the Military college.The small amount of units females were admitted to in the past did not help either.
    The resistance of certain senior male offers to accept that female officers can do the job is also a huge obstacle. I assume that Lt Col Ryan has higher Medical qualifications than other male MO's to reach her rank. This is not as easy to achieve in an infantry or artillery unit.
    However I notice in the far more progressive Naval service, the ratio of female officers is quite high. I t will only be a matter of years before a female officer has Command of a Naval vessel. Already a female Sub Lt had the high profile task of being Navigation officer for Niamhs trip to China.
    This has been said before again and again,but it is on ability that these people get these tasks,not because they are a woman. I saw recently a female Equestrian officer resigned from the school because she felt she was not being Placed on the team often enough to succeed. She left to return to college. Surely if she was good enough to be a fulltime member of the equestrian team she should now be a full time showjumper? She played the gender card to the Media and the Equestrian school remained silent.
    To get the promotion,you must be the best person for the job.
    More power to them!

    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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      A female Garda was promoted to Assistant Commissioner today.


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        First female Asst Garda Commissioner appointed

        The Government has announced the appointment of two Assistant Garda Commissioners, including the first female to serve in such a senior position within the force.

        Noel Smith and Catherine Clancy will fill the vacancies left following the retirement of Pat O’Toole and the promotion of Fachtna Murphy to the rank of Deputy Commissioner.

        Mr Smith has been a member of the Gardaí for 39 years and has been Chief Superintendent at Crumlin Garda Station in Dublin since 1997.

        Ms Clancy joined the force in 1975 and has been Chief Superintendent of the Donegal Division since 1999.

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          Cathy Clancy started out not a million miles away from where I live, and she was in the running for the post of Commissioner- I would say this is the consolation prize, until the present Commissioner retires (as soon as possible hopefully, from what I've heard) when she will be a natural appointment.

          From what I've heard of Ms Clancy, she very definitely earned the post on merit, not sex
          Take these men and women for your example.
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          be for the free; that freedom is the sure
          possession of those who have the
          courage to defend it.
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            Well considering that she took over the shamed Donegal division she deserves everything she gets. Unfortunatly the Comish jobs are political appointments. And there are many other more high profile officers destined to get it before she does. I would love to be wrong on this though.

            Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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              Its about time that women were given high ranking civil servant jobs that have previously been dominated by the fellas. It reflects a better police force. After all they are an equal oppertunities employer.
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