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10 Years on - RDF Steering Group Report

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  • Buck
    ah christ almighty! im missing the point entirely! thats is a b@lls then!

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  • ZULU
    I think you missing the point Buck. This is what was supposed to have happened by now. This report was presented in the year 1999.

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  • Buck
    that sounds pretty good! if they can do all that ill be suprised to be honest but with them trying to cut back on spending, you never know. then again, they could try it and make a b@lls of it

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  • ZULU
    started a topic 10 Years on - RDF Steering Group Report

    10 Years on - RDF Steering Group Report

    What follows is some quotes from the Summary of the Report.

    Of special mention is the people who were on the MA Board during period that it met, namely

    In April 1998, Lt Col Dermot Earley, Planning & Research Section replaced Col Mortell
    who retired from the PDF.

    The New Reserve Defence Force
    The Steering Group's recommendations are aimed at creating a new RDF with the following
    - a clearer contingent defence role
    - an improved and more consistent organisational structure
    - an enhanced relationship with the PDF
    - more and better quality training
    - improved equipment
    - access to overseas peace support operations for reserve personnel
    - a reasonable and feasible increase in resourcing
    - building on the traditional strengths of the organisation and the spirit of voluntary
    service which has been one of its important features, and
    - overall, a better value for money defence reserve capability.

    On Cadre it had this to say.

    The PDF cadre will reduce considerably in size, ultimately to 298 personnel in the Army component and 22 in the Naval Service component, as the PDF reprioritises resources in the context of the Defence Forces Review Implementation Plan. The PDF cadre must comprise a highly motivated and trained personnel with a definite aptitude for their unique role of administratively supporting and training the RDF. The new RDF will see a revitalised cadre of personnel who will be selected on the basis of aptitude and ability to undertake the new tasks. A balance will have to be struck between rotating PDF cadre personnel so that they remain fresh in their jobs and ensuring that there is sufficient continuity of approach.

    The selection of motivated and skilled PDF cadre personnel will
    be key to ensuring that high quality training takes place at local unit level.

    On the Integration Model,

    The integrated reserve element of the Army Reserve will also have to be supported by PDF personnel. This role will be undertaken by appropriate PDF personnel from within the units to which integrated personnel are assigned. These personnel will be termed “In addition” personnel. The numbers of personnel will depend on the number of integrated personnel assigned to any particular unit. Full implementation of the Military Board’s recommendations indicate a total requirement of 168 such PDF personnel.

    On overseas service,

    The Steering Group is aware that there may be some who will be opposed to any participation by RDF personnel overseas. The Steering Group considers that the recommended initiative is important for ensuring the retention of a highly motivated and trained reserve which is in the best interest of the State and the Defence Forces as a whole.
    What the Board had to say to the MA's approach.

    The Steering Group considers that the implementation period of nine years proposed by the Military Board is possibly excessive and could result in a decrease in the momentum of
    change. The Steering Group recommends that the implementation of the structural and
    reorganisation changes should not exceed 6 years and that the implementation programme should not exceed two phases.
    The Members of the Board.

    D Rochford, Chairman
    D Dowling
    Col M Dunne
    E Farrell
    M Harrington
    Brig Gen E Heskin
    Comdt P Pakenham
    Capt T Quinn, FCA
    J McConnell, Secretary
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