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    [FONT="System"]Someday I would like to have a set of stripes and the responsibility etc.

    The question I have is this:

    Is it possible to do the course over a two year period?

    As in the MOI block one year and then the tactic the following year?
    I would imagine that it needs to be done in the one go.

    The reason I am asking is that I have been told two different stories. One person passed the MOI block, but was unable to attend the tactical block because of work. He thinks that he will be able to go and complete the course by doing the tactical module, and not the MOI block the next time around.

    Another NCO told him that he would have to repeat the MOI block and the PNCO course in its entirety. So he would have to go right back to the beginning.

    By the way, the guy has no problem doing the PNCO course either way. And this thread is not anything to do with promotion embargoes.
    The question that is being put is this:

    If a person passes the MOI module, and is unable to make the tactical block, does he/she have to go back to the beginning and start the course again? And likewise if someone msised the tactical block due to injury.

    My two cents on it are that if that happens to you, then that is too bad. If you want to do the PNCO course again , you should do it in its entirety. I have been told by two NCOs, that as harsh as it is, that is the way the cookie crumbles.

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    Applies to RDF :

    Wrong. You must do MOI in a block, and you must do Tactical in a block. If the CO approves you may be allowed to split them over 2 years.
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      We had a person who did it over two years shouldnt be a problem


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        So if someone passed the MOI block, with the approval of the CO (I take it to mean the CO of the PNCO course and not your unit) then they could do the tactical block the following year?

        And would the individual concerned need to write to the PNCO course CO to ask for permission to do that? Or does it go through their unit to the course commander?
        How does it work?
        Or are they automatically onto the tactical block regardless because they passed the MOI block?

        And if they haven't sought or been granted permission to do the tactical block by the course CO, then that person is back to square one I take it? If they are selected for a PNCO course the following year.

        P.S. TO CLARIFY - I did mean the MOI module done in a block, in the same way as the tactics side of things.
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          From what I can recall, provision can be made for Pte X to
          complete his tactical phase of the RDF Pot NCO Course the
          following year, if a compelling case is made by Pte X as to
          why he can't complete the course in its entirety in the
          calendar year

          But the MoI block must be completed in its entirety in the
          year the course is conducted
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            GR you are overcomplicating things.

            If you cannot do PNCO in 1 year due exams or whatever then during the noms process when interviewed by your Coy Comdr you must mention this, and it goes with your app to the BTC.

            The instructions delivered from the BTC East for PNCO every year make it clear the process to be followed if you wish to avail of this.

            Note this is for BTC (E) and refers to past courses ONLY. For current information it is NOT to be regarded as up-to-date and you must check all info is right before letting your name go forward for consideration for selection. Otherwise you may find yourself unwittingly taking a place on a course you can't finish.
            "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

            "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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              The information I have (with regard to the East, this year) is:

              You must complete Module 1 (basically the MOI block) first - you can't do Module 2 first

              And obviously you must have permission


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                With the moratorium on recruitment and promotions in effect I would have thought there wasn't going to be a PNCO course this year.

                Unless they are just going to send students on the course and not promote them.
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                  We will see of course with the upcoming Budget etc.
                  "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

                  "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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                    Is the money required to run courses (apart from wages obviously) taken from the training subhead? Things like blanks, pyro etc. What does the sub head actually cover?
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                      pnco course

                      with regard to the PNCO course, and modules, you can do the moi module one year, and the tactical module the mext, but, but, but, it must be made clear from the start, ie, when your name goes forward, as for the recent embargo on promotions, the only promotions being honoured this yr, are, as far as i know, the graduates (wot a word eh!!) from the current officers course, in our unit, the lads who completed the current pnco course, are not being promoted, but can wear the stripes, within the on paper, they still privates, but on the ground, theyre nco's