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  • Transferring qualifications into pdf

    Hi Lads,
    Just wondering if you are reserve and have a few courses done for exampe a ptl course or you have a 154 can you hold onto them if you then become pdf?

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    Simple answer.... no!
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      From what I' ve heard, I'd agree with Snacker

      I had a mate years ago who went into the PDF (still there), and he
      had a 154 for the Nissan

      For some bizarre reason, he couldn't bring it with him

      This despite the driving test being the same as that sat by members
      of the PDF - i.e; PDF Tpt School testers
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        I would have to agree that I do find that one of the frustrating things with the military mentality.
        I for one can't fathom why the DF fails to recognise civilian qualifications. And secondly, why a valuable course done by someone in the RDF such as obtaining a 154 isn't allowed to carry over. I know that a person starts off as a recruit, but that is not the same as carrying a rank in my eyes.

        And also a waste of time and money to have someone sit the very same course again, at the taxpayers expense.

        Alas, it is something that goes on. It shouldn't, but it does. It does need to be stopped and some common sense needs to prevail in these situations, but for some reason or other that is the way things "work". No pun intended.


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          Simple answer with a 154 is we had plenty of people who rotated through the unit over the years and retained it. The Paperwork had to be requested from the FCA/RDF unit but once parity was achieved with 154s back in the early 90s there should be no problem.

          This was RDFRAs first real achievements was having these recognised.
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            Well then they failed to follow through.

            There has been atleast 2 of ours went PDF and did not retain 154.

            However neither had to do the full course just assessed in each vehicle.

            I've heard similar from a lad in the AD. Was assessed on AF154 and gunnery course.

            So it seems to be possible but not done too often.

            I've been told that the problem lies in that qualifications are linked to your army number.
            RDF Joe Blogs 1045666 and PDF Joe Blogs 84169 may physically be the same person but as far as the army is concerned they are not.
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              People who rejoin the RDF after being discharged have the same problem


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                Ok thanks for the answers