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    I will be starting recruit training in Dublin in the next few weeks and although im raring to go I still dont know what career I'd like to pursue in the PDF. I've always been interested in the Ordnance Corps and was wondering if any of the board members could enlighten me as to whether it would be worthwhile joining
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    Ord corps

    Firstly best of luck with your new career.

    It really depends on what your expectations of the Ord corps are as to whether it would be good for you or not.

    Give the army a bit of time first. Dont judge military life on what you experience in Recruit training. The army is not like recruit training so do a year or so in whatever unit you are posted to and then start considering your career options.


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      Oh come on people. 67 views and only one response. Surely there are some PDF or ex PDF people on the boards that could give me some advise. Also i was wondering would i be allowed to bring my RDF gear with me or do i have to hand that back to my local unit?
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        Re your gear. Officially, you have to have it back into your RDF unit when you are discharged (you have to get discharged before you join PDF) but I'm sure it could be overlooked if you didn't hand it back in and a spare uniform would be very handy during your recruit training with the PDF, as long as they don't know that you have it....


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          Don't get caught with extra uniform, especially on inspections. My mate went through his recruit training last year and one of the platoon was charged because of extra kit.

          Also, don't go in there with a "i'm coming from the RDF" frame of mind. You'll just get hassle over it. Keep your head down and you should be fine. Best of luck.


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            keep your spare uniform for after you pass out
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              Is it that big of a deal having extra kit? And dont worry i know the regs dont appreciate any cocky reserves thinking they know it all.

              "But sure i dont need any more training, arent i a three star already?":D
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                The big deal with the extra kit is that it never belongs to you, it is the property of the minister. Your CQ has to keep his accounts and uniforms "part worn" can be re-issued if need be. The regulations clearly state the amount of kit each soldier is entitled to have and the P.A.'s get very interested when they find you with any extra (esp if the service numbers dont match). In an attempt to teach a recruit to avoid picking up any bad habbits the training staff usualy come down hard on illegal posession of kit.


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                  From what I hear, you might be better off not letting on that you were in the RDF at all.


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                    one valuable lesson to take with you, NEVER,NEVER ,NEVER tell an instructor that he made a mistake or dare to point out that u know better
                    1 guy in my platoon did this and his life got a whole lot worse v quickly
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                      Don't mention previous service in the reserves. It will be obvious to the training NCO's, you will stick out because you will be familar foot drill, irish words of command rank markings and a host of other things that a civvy would not have a clue about. The training will be pretty boring for you for the first few weeks as it mainly covers foot drill,
                      saluting, kit inspections and pt. Within the first 6 weeks expect to see a number of the platoon look for their ticket, this normally happens with every recruit platoon. Once you move on to weapons training ie Styer, GPMG and Grenade things get interesting. Tactical training is normally of 2 weeks duration towards the end of recruit training and is very demanding physically (don't volunteer to carrying the GPMG on section tactics).

                      A basic amount of kit is issued to recruits initially and the balance on final approval normally after 6 weeks. Don't bring in any kit that you got in the reserves. Recruits have weekly kit and locker inspections and extra kit will cause you great problems. The instructors are trying to teach uniformity in all things and they will bounce on anyone who is different ie extra kit.

                      Towards the end of recruit training you will be asked what corps you would like to be posted to when you pass out, however there is no guarantee that you will get what you want as the combat units ie inf arty and cav normally get the loins share of each recruit platoon, but you may get lucky.

                      On passing out you will be granted leave and when you return you will be sent on a 3 star course usually with the platoon that you trained with.

                      Lastly, dont stick out, keep your mouth shut, do what you are told
                      and NEVER suggest that the instructor is wrong. If you are getting balled out don't make eye contact pick a spot on the wall and stare at it, don't smile, smirk or say anything smart, the instuctors will have seen or heard it all before and will have a remedy, usually very unpleasant.

                      NB Recruit and 3 star training is very demanding but things will ease slightly when you are posted to a unit.


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                        Be clean be seen and be 5 mins early.

                        Its simple but the best bit of advice I ever got


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                          Be the 'grey man'...keep anything you have learned in the reserve to yourself and only offer advice to colleagues if they ask.

                          Keep your nose and your boots clean and you'll be of luck kid enjoy your recruit training as it is the most intense tarining you will have and the friends you make there will be with you through your army carrer...have fun!
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                            Thanks for the response lads, plenty of good advice. Since im training in Dublin will i definitely be posted there or could i be stationed anywhere?
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                              Dublin you say? do you know where your training? or what unit is training you?
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