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    Originally posted by CS Gass View Post
    From what i recall the Lebanon Diaries was not exactly a roller coaster ride of soldiering on the front lines,
    If you want that, your going to find it very hard to extract it from the Irish Army.

    If action is what you prefer, looking at my bookself:

    Once a Warrior King,
    One Bullet away,
    If I die in a combat zone
    3 Para,
    Shoot to Kill,
    13 cent killers
    Get Rommel,
    An Ordinary Soldier,
    House to house,
    The killing Zone
    IN the company of soldiers
    The Green Marine,
    Berlin: The downfall,
    Bearded Brigands,

    to name but a few.
    "The Question is not: how far you will take this? The Question is do you possess the constitution to go as far as is needed?"


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      We also have a "Good Books" Thread that is well worth a look.
      "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

      "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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        The writer of Lebanon Diaries was/is a military policeman so you aren't going to get an infantryman's view.

        There has been very little written about some of the action the Irish have seen but those there are are mainly about the Congo in the 60s and Lebanon in the 70s/80s/90s.


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          There was a book written by a former captain (Ryan I think but I could be wrong) called Tough At The Bottom. Not a bad book and it contains details of the battle of Jadotville.