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With regard to RM

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  • DeV
    MOD: The thread was closed as the topic had been discussed and for some reason people seem to have come to the conclusion that people are against it (including you in the above post).

    I've checked the thread and no one has even hinted that they were against it.

    There is no problem!

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  • pike
    started a topic With regard to RM

    With regard to RM

    Some members of this site are far from aware that Members of the PDF have worked over the years with Members of the royal marines in Kosovo,, i for one have done two tours in Kosovo and personally worked along side of these guys,, and i have found them always to be very professional and courteous in all ways-- work and in the canner,, at no time did i or any lads sreving with me ,ever find any anamosity between either side,,, as said in prevoius thread that went off track,,, we the Irish PDF and the BA are members of the UN, so whats the problem with this guy lecturing in the curragh?? further more to the ignorant users on this site ,Members of the PDF do regularly go over to British Army bases for training, so obvoiusly the ignorant members hve no problem with this,, i smell a shinner !!!!!!!!!