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    Folks, quick question. Do all officers in RDF med coys HAVE to be medical doctors? Could a nurse, paramedic or EMT become an officer in these unit?
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    You can be a dentist too, a pharmacist as well. All gazetted posts on the Med Coys are (T) so unless you' ve some type of qual then no I'd say. However there are officers serving with the Med Coys who are not doctors.
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      We have several officers parading with our unit that are not Doctors

      But as far as I know these don't fill appointments in our unit strength, I think most of them are filling vacancies in infantry units.

      So unless the person is either a Doctor , Pharmacist or Dentist then the answer is no. , with regarding to filling a vacancy on a Medical Company unit's strength.
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        Locally we have a guy , paramedic, commissioned but no appointment within RDF medical circles, now a cavalry type.
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