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  • PDF Recruitment??

    I'm hearing alot of rumors about the current intake of recruits into the PDF, such as Recruits from the South going to Dublin and being assigned to Eastern units. And stories of people applying to each brigade and getting an interview with each and being offered medicals for each.....
    Can anyone set the record straight, I'm over the age for enlistment myself now, but my brother is trying his damdist to get in, he's applyed to all brigades and the Naval Service. He's even considering going back to college to do a Deck Officer Course in Cork with the aim that it might get him into the Navy.
    So whats the story?
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    I applied to all three brigades and got answers from all three, but i got a reply from cathal brugha months before any other barracks so i went there for my interview, medical and fitness tests. They are taking much fewer recruits from 1st Southern, approx 35 than Eastern which ive heard could be as many 4 platoons. It is possible to get interviews and medicals in different brigades but im fairly sure that they are not taking any more applications this year
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      Ya, the PDF have to wait until the budget comes out before thay know how many thay will take on next year
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