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    Anyone know when the next white paper is coming out and what it might contain? From the rumour mill i heard a 2 brigade structure North/South Brigades with DFTC pretty much remaining as is. 6 battalions, 2 cav squadrons, 2 regiments and a newly formed ISTAR battalion. But thats all rumours

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    an ISTAR battalion? that'd be fcuking A!


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      I'd say it should be out Mid 2011...

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        should be some surprises in that


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          Potentially they could go back to the initial PwC recommendations 2 brigades + a task force


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            I was looking at the current white paper and it says the following regarding numbers

            4. Defence Forces Organisation and Development: 2000-2010
            The currently approved manpower level of 11,500 was an initial step in bridging the gap between the level recommended by the EAG and that proposed by the military authorities in 1995. The underlying recommendations made by Price Waterhouse that existing domestic and international commitments should be capable of being met by fewer personnel still apply. The fact that the EAG’s recommendations preceded the first Northern Ireland ceasefires underlines the scope for further manpower efficiencies. Price Waterhouse considered three options for the manpower level of the Permanent Defence Force (PDF) which varied according to the number of brigades suggested. These options were for a one brigade force with a total manpower of 8,310; a two brigade force of 10,033 - which was their favoured option; and a third option for a three brigade force with 10,656 personnel.

            The present organisational structure provides for three all-arms brigades involving infantry, combat service and combat service support elements. This structure differs considerably from the light infantry based army recommended by Price Waterhouse and accepted in principle in Government decisions on the reform process.

            Does anyone have a link to the PWC report?


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              Never read that "initial step"!!! - so it was the plan all along!


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                Originally posted by sledger View Post
                a two brigade force of 10,033 - which was their favoured option;
                I notice we are already more than100 below the numbers recommended for the 2 brigade structure