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Troops train with €5m simulator

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  • Come-quickly
    Obviously he's never been to secret defence forces Island then

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  • T.I.M.
    Ive heard of this, i friend of mine has done some training on this, i belive it was (wait for it) a "Division in attack"

    but he said some elements of this were "not so accurate"
    like a having a squadron of tornadios, and a Sqn of german tanks, (i forget which ones):D

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  • klick
    started a topic Troops train with €5m simulator

    Troops train with €5m simulator

    Todays Independent....

    Andy, Got there before you !!

    TROOPS preparing for dangerous peace missions in combat zones are now carrying out full-scale training exercises without running onto a battleground.

    A highly sophisticated computerised training simulator allows commanders to test their troops in combat conditions and then assess the outcome.

    The simulator, purchased by the Defence Forces at a cost of €5m, has already been used by troops operating on a digital map of Kosovo, where Irish soldiers are currently based on a peace mission.

    And the simulator will also play a key part in training for troops being sent to Liberia by the end of the year, if participation in that mission is approved by the Dail today.

    The new equipment was officially launched yesterday at the Defence Forces training centre at the Curragh by Defence Minister Michael Smith, although it has been in operation since it was installed in June.

    Project leader Comdt Mick Meehan told the Irish Independent: "Simulators provide realistic training conditions and create the environment and stress of combat under which commanders must make vital decisions.

    "Simulations can manipulate training variables such as time, terrain, weather and exercise scenarios, and they are a boost to leader development and collective task training."

    The minister said that while the simulator was no substitute for tactical terrain exercises, it was a very effective training device and, used effectively, enhanced performance and brought a far greater dimension and flexibility to training.

    He described the purchase of the simulator as one of the most significant advances yet for the Defence Forces in the use of information technology by replicating near-real scenarios.

    Comdt Meehan added: "This will never replace traditional field training, but it enables commanders to evaluate internal unit training, examine operational procedures, expose troops to the complexity of the modern battlefield and develop their responses."