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Troops train with €5m simulator

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    This is cool!

    Motion Reality Force Simulation VIRTSIM System from Lindsey McLaughlin on Vimeo.

    "The Question is not: how far you will take this? The Question is do you possess the constitution to go as far as is needed?"


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      Kiplings arithmetic then:-
      "A scrimmage in a Border Station –

      A canter down some dark defile –

      Two thousand pounds of education

      Drops to a ten-rupee jezail."

      Kipling was talking about Afghanistan.

      If you were to substitute " v. expensive simulator " for " education " and "AK" for " jezail "
      things haven't changed much !


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        I've used these type of simulators, and all are correct, they are no substitute for the real training in the field. Where these things make money is on the decision making process. Granted< Ireland will never be conducting a "Division in attack" but these things are about making staff's think and plan and react to Murphy's Law. A commander directs a company to move, the computer will move the icon, but if the commander didn't plan properly, then the vehicles run out of fuel and just sit there. Now they have to sort that out. I've done some 48 hour exercises on these things and they are exhausting, it kills your brain. The ones we use have real radio headsets, the TOC is set up the same, etc.

        Where these things really help is doing the run up to an exercise. It's a lot easier (and cheaper) to make mistakes redirecting a virtual Bn as opposed to a real one. Granted it can get out of hand, it is just a game, but it's like doing react to contact drills in the car park, it helps sort you for when you go to the field.