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DF training management: Developing tracking and measurement

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  • DF training management: Developing tracking and measurement

    What are the current systems in use in the DF for tracking a persons training through their service.

    I know that Individual Log books and Unit diaries are used in the RDF but this a stone age means of tracking training standards and quality.

    Is there a template in the PDF on the PMS suite to track an individuals training?

    Thinking along the lines of logging specific lessons taught according to syllabi, general standard of course, name of instructor, date training occured, where, feedback/lessons learned. - Cross reference with instructor skills - last MOI course, teaching courses completed etc?
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    Training diaries are still used in PDF

    I presume that courses completed can be

    For example, the PMS will not allow ARPs results to be filled in unless the soldier has done TOETs, and the person doing the TOETs can't qualify unless the instructor is qualified..... the PMS won't allow it.


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      We also now have the TMS.Training management system.Each course is allocated a course code.If a unit wants to run a course that isnt already on the DF annual training plan they can request permission from Ops using the TMS.It allows for near instantaneous results of courses completed to be added to the soldiers AF43a(their MIF online personel file).
      MIF replaced PMS about two years ago.(management information framework AFAIK).
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