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Just what Army doctor ordered

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  • Just what Army doctor ordered

    The Irish Independent
    Tom Brady
    Security Editor
    A DOCTOR has become the first female officer to be appointed to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Army.

    Women account for only 7pc of the officers corps in the Defence Forces, filling 94 of the 1,303 posts.

    The promotion of Dr Anne Ryan is regarded as a major boost to the morale of female troops in the male-dominated organisation.

    The other female officers comprise 11 commandants, 33 captains, 30 lieutenants and 19 second lieutenants while there are 387 female enlisted personnel in the overall force of 10,500.

    Lt Col Ryan joined the military in 1981 and has served with the medical corps in St Bricin's Hospital in Dublin and 1st hospital company at the Curragh.

    On promotion she was appointed school commandant of the medical school, combat service support college, and senior medical officer of the Defence Forces training centre.

    Last month Catherine Clancy became the first woman to be appointed to the rank of assistant commissioner in the Garda force. Ms Clancy is currently in charge of the northern region and based in Sligo.

    The two promotions mark a breakthrough for women in the military and the Garda and are expected to herald an increase in the numbers of women seeking advancement through the ranks in the future.

    Initial resistance to the allocation of women to senior operational posts has long disappeared and females are now being appointed to key posts.

    However, the appointment of a woman to the top post in either organisation remains some way off, according to analysts.

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    I hope theyre not promoting her for the sake of having a female of that rank in the army and she got it on merit. Political correctness can seriously damage the defence forces if left unchecked
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      Since she is a Doctor and therefore a direct entry to the DF as opposed to coming up through the Cadet School, making Lt Colonel was a tad easier for her than for an Infantry babe. I'm sure she's a fine doctor though.
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        I see the indo has been trawling this board for news again...Even the countrys most out of date publication.."connect" reported this last month.....

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.