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  • Rops

    Having used the system for the first time recently. I have found it to be very poorly designed. My main criticisms are:

    How long it now takes to get troops on or off a TCV.
    They are extremely uncomfortable. You get rattled around with your head bouncing off the restraint system that is just large enough to fit you helmet between.
    The ROPS can not be easily removed to carry stores (They are bolted to the floor).
    The large off-road three axle trucks now only carry 14 people (less than a minibus). What a shocking waste of taxpayers money.
    Passengers sit back-to-back facing the canvas walls making any communication almost impossible.

    This is really health and safety gone too far. Fair enough seat belts are necessary and over head protection is necessary in case a truck rolls over but why sit back to back and why put so few seats in each truck, why put the head restraints so close to your head so you are guaranteed to smack your head off them on every little bump.