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  • Congo Anniversary

    Speaking with a Congo veteran, neighbour of mine he spoke of those who won't be attending due to grieviences held by some toward the DF in the years sinc.

    Struck me as very sad that people would pass up on an oppertunity to reunite with comrades of old to spite the DF given it has been 50 years and some of these ancient warriors may not ever get a chance to meet with their comrades again in this life.

    My neighbour himself would have grieviences but wouldn't miss out on perhaps to meet for last time with those who served there under such incredible conditions.

    Having studied the subject and many other conflicts and witnessed reunions I find incredible to believe that some will not put aside their troubles with the DF and make what could be one final effort to meet with those who endured as they did.

    Or am I off the mark?
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    they should get together - 'for the lads'.

    RIP, to those who should never be forgotten.

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      Best of luck to all the CONGO vets today the 23 July 2010 on their 50 Anniversary. For your fallen friends and innocence lost. You have done us proud. Hope that you all manage to enjoy the Day.
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        Did anyone hear the interview with Cathal O'Shannon this morning on Radio 1, when asked about Jadotville he basically expressed an opinion that they were afraid to fight. Thankfully the interviewer pointed out that the unit who served at Jadotville was exonorated.