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    Birthday coming up what is the best military watch A Casio Digi Compass? A traser? or a chase durer special forces perhaps Any recommendations? All advice apppreciated.

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    Traser are used around the world but a bit to pricy for me. Also check out the Casio protrek range, they are a very good watch.
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      I've got a Casio 'Illuminator' on my wrist right now. Does pretty much anything I ask of it.. such as really complex things like 'tell the time'. It even has a light.. (Gasp)

      I find that analogues are quicker for me to tell the time at a glance, there's no reading required, and 'angle glare' isn't an issue. I usually go for the type that has an analogue face, and a small digital screen beneath/within it for date/stopwatch purposes, though I usually also have it set for Irish and California time regardless of the analogue reading in case I want to telephone somebody!

      When looking for a replacement for my last Casio, which was holding up to the rigours of sustained military life pretty well until the plastic strap went and of course it was some weird size a replacement strap couldn't be bought, I noted a whole pile of watches called Casio's 'G-Shock', which are highly priced, and according to the lass behind the counter quite popular. Some people won't buy anything else. Upon asking what the deal was with them, she (not knowing herself), she rooted out the sales brochure, and apparently they are rated to keep working despite shocks and vibration.

      Now, I've had my watch sustain plenty of vibration inside a tank (which vibrates a lot, frankly), and since I can't see myself in a serious G-Force environment (such as ejector seats, space shuttle launches, the ilk), plus daily PT and whatnot. It's not a G-Shock. It still tells me the time accurate to about a minute or two a month, and only cost about $40.

      My opinion: Forget about sales hype as to how this aviator's watch is rated for 12Gs, tells you the phase of the moon in Australia, the tide on Lake Geneva, stopwatches to 1000th of a second, and makes your coffee in the morning. Get something that you are comfortable with telling the time at very quick glances (i.e. good contrast), isn't shiny metal, isn't too bulky (Less chance of it getting caught in something, ditto those pathetic little compass balls.. if you don't know which way is North to roughly the accuract of that little ball, you've no business being in combat!), has a decent night illumination ability, and the extra goodies aren't really needed. Though I have heard that there's a watch out there with inbuilt GPS which tells you the location of the nearest pub. Probably useful in Afghanistan or Saudi.

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        I got a G-Shock. Fairly ro-bust watch. It can have 8 different time settings, stop watch etc. It even tells you the tide [!], unfortunately the manual that comes with it requires a phd in Physics to understand, so my tides are set for somewhere off the coast of Japan. Also someone has set my alarm to go off at midnight and can't find the button that turns the f*****g off.


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          I have a Timex Expedition myself. Cheap and does everything I want it to.

          Had it for years and it also has night "Indiglo". Had to replace the strap with a velcro one but it does the job.

          However if it your birthday and someone is getting you one as a present.... I would go with traser.


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            I'm told the Casio G-Shock is recommended at the Cadet School.


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              Thanks for the tips lads, keep them coming. I even got a Muldoon tip and have noted it just to prove I always try to give them a chance.


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                Which G Shock does the Cadet School recommend?


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                  I have a Casio "Baby-G" (purchased for me by my latest and greatest). Apparently I can operate a Kango Hammer or a chainsaw while wearing the watch. It has little dampers inside it which protects the electronics. It has a light and does in fact tell me the time. It will also store 25 phone numbers and has a stopwatch. Wonderfully, it came equipt with a camoflague strap (so romantic) and a velcro strip. It has these wonderful roll bar type gadgets on the front to prevent me from cracking the face when it impacts with a hard surface.

                  I think it's pretty nifty.
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                    Thanks Earhart

                    Is it a particular model or name? That g shock range is extensive.


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                      It's a Baby-G... Pretty nifty and lightweight.

                      Does that constitute as jewellery?
                      I don't believe in love - just friendship + sex


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                        I think that any of the GShocks are acceptable, providing they aren't neon pink or anything.

                        There is a story about that cadets were recommended to get GShocks once. Most did, but one individual got something else. The inspecting NCO asked to see it, and promptly threw it out a third floor window. The cadet was then instructed to go get it and bring it back to the NCO, he did, it was working, so he was allowed keep it. :D


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                          Nice story YJ...Tell me this - would he have been allowed to keep it if it smashed into 1000 pieces?

                          Just kiddin!:-patriot:


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                            Nice story YJ...Tell me this - would he have been allowed to keep it if it smashed into 1000 pieces?
                            Provided he kept the pieces out of sight, I'd say yeah
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                              I'd have to go with the G-Shock as well. A number of years ago, a group of us serving with C Coy, 68 Bn each bought a G-Shock. In one of our less "serious" moments, (admittedly after a session in the canteen) we rolled an APC over them, and they all came out working fine. Cant think of anything else that would survive that! Since that "demo", I've never worn anything less.