[B][B]Up to November of last year the devastation of the floods had presented a new agenda for the office of Emergency Planning as the destruction caused by flooding in this country tested the Department of Defence emergency planning and resource capability to its core. The department must now grasp the hold of climate change agenda which threatens the social and economic fabric of the state.

It may also presented a new opportunity particularly for the army and air corps. Now that
there are fewer major overseas missions in the interm. To make Climate change one of the key mission priorities for the forseeable future. However from reviewing the DF mission statement (below) it seems there is a vague reference of climate change/ natural disaters within its strategic objectives:

carry out such other duties as may be assigned to them from time to time e.g. search and rescue, air ambulance service, ministerial air transport service, assistance on the occasion of natural or other disasters, assistance in connection with the maintenance of essential services, assistance in combating oil pollution at sea.•[B]The Department of Defence Website Mission Statement: www.military.ie

It indicators to me and other members of the public that the Central Government does not percieve a role for the DF in taking a leading role in managing incidents of the recent flooding events, or indeed events which are a consequence of climate change. My argument is that a new strategic objective be added to the current listed outlined below, which recognises the climate change as a No: 1 priority for the Defence Forces role within the Army. However I would be greatful if other members of the discussion board could
discuss my proposal and input any of there own observations in this matter: