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An Cosantóir- Operation Sealion

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    Does anyone know when the next copy of An Cosantóir is out. Can you still get it at Easons?


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      Hi all,
      The British did conduct extensive interviews with the German High Command, many of which were conducted by the late Hugh Trevor-Roper, he of the bogus Hitler diaries fame. The British also secretly recorded the PoW camp discussions/chat/rants/diatribes,etc,etc of many of the German Generals so they were quite aware of how the Germans thought. I agree that it was a coup for the Cosantoir, fair enough, but I also think that after six years of combat, perhaps the British felt no further need to talk to German soldiers.
      If you think I have an inferiority complex about the British, in general as a race or in particular as a military, then you are barking up the wrong tree on that one. I have,as I've stated here before, the height of respect for them on both counts. They,as soldiers, are absolute professionals and, in my experience, could teach the Irish Military a few tricks any day. Certainly, any that I met visiting Baldonnel were a credit to their Arm.


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        Thank you, GTTC,

        I hope you will agree if you find time to peruse the back copies of An Cosantóir that it is an excellent professional Journal and a credit to all associated with it down the years. Apparently in the early days it was a totally voluntary effort - all credit to them.

        I am looking forward very much to the next issue out any day soon - I am sure that there will be fascinating articles.