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FYI!! Wounded Platoon on Now BBC2

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  • Whiteathame
    "The Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2) is the official U.S. Army program that assists and advocates for severely wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers, Veterans, and their Families, wherever they are located, for as long as it takes." Our sister services have similar programs.

    Whenever the Pentagon hosts a group of wounded returnees, those requiring assistance are helped by full colonels.

    Here's a portion of the Pentagon announcement which arrived in today's (29 Sep) email. These turnouts used to be weekly.

    "The following message is sent at the request of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army and the Director of the Army Staff.

    This is a reminder that the next Wounded Warrior Visit to the Pentagon will be held on Friday, 15 October 2010, and hosted by G-4 and ASA (ALT). Please join us in welcoming approximately 40 DOD-wide Wounded Warrior military patients who have recently returned from duty in Iraq and other areas of conflict. The service members and their Families will be our special guests for a VIP tour of the Pentagon."
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  • hedgehog
    There is another American Unit that served in Afghanistan in early 2002

    on their return to the States they had a worse record- though it was fewer homicides

    but a lot of wives were wearing large sunglasses-

    We to a lesser estent have had episodes where seemingly decent lads go hatchet- either here on overseas.

    The Brits especially the RAF suffered the same

    though none as bad as the poor yanks-

    Its really hard to fathom out why this occurs; One would want to look at every single chemical injested into
    the body- but what would I know.

    On a totally different point and to save me opening a new thread- if anyone is on facebook- have a look at

    Action Lariam for Irish soldiers

    Tony Moore the organiser and exer is doing sterling and brave work bringing what was an embarassing hidden problem out into the open.

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  • SwiftandSure
    Cheers buddy!

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  • Craghopper
    started a topic FYI!! Wounded Platoon on Now BBC2

    FYI!! Wounded Platoon on Now BBC2

    Heads up Wounded Platoon just started on BBC2!