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Life on barracks during training

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    Originally posted by hptmurphy View Post
    Was in a similar position. Explained it, presented my invitation as proof was told to submit a weekend pass, it was granted and went home.

    These guys may rule your world for recruit training but you won't always be a recruit and they have been there before. Just ask....
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      Originally posted by 84Mac View Post
      With regard to GTTC's list of punishments; during recruit training the platoon got colective punishment of hourly check parades in varying states of dress i.e. Sd No1s, Combats & battle order etc. The Ord Sgt, having a wicked sense of humour, called out a check parade for 21:00 & the dress to be "Bulled boots & underpants". Considering this was late January with frost in the air several recruits (Myself included) were questioning the sanity of said NCO. 20:45 & the debate still raged if he was taking the p**s or not :-) Thankfully said NCO arrived to the lines & informed us we off check parade but it was a close one :-)
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