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    any of ye seen the new FLYCHATCHER radars workin? I tell ya, it mad!!! When its switched off, theirs dead crows and seagulls everywhere :D

    Someone told me that its bad for people too tho, and that it can make you impotent or sumthin!! the army got it real cheap off the nederlands, was this for a reason???


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    How would you know? You're in the AC & the Flycatcher's an AD weapon. Are you referring to a particular incident?
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      magister are you serious about this??
      Where did you get yuor info on this one???
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        My understanding is many more countries than the Netherlands operate the Flycatcher, can it really be that bad?

        ps Mod, interested to see you removed sensitive data, I would have thought you can't get much more sensitive than "potency"?


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          Is it the radiation or the pollution from the generators that is causing the trouble?

          Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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            Well if it's dead seagulls surely you can use it to zap the f'in' pidgeons. Rats with wings I tells ye!


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              IF this is true, it has interesting echoes to another story:

              That said, the damaging potential of radars is well recognised.


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                I wonder if the army will have to pay compensation if this got leaked to the public?? thats all we need even more money lossed from the defence forces.


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                  are ye all stupid
                  obviosly the radiation henceforth to be known as air invisable death ray AIDR is a cunnning way to conceal this deadly weapon in the obviosly obselete bofors can you imagin the enemys of this country being massacared as they laugh at the L70 s and being struck by the death ray
                  magister you have blown the plan, there is always one !!!!
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                    Radar has long been known to have ill-effects on people. Standing too close to a major warship radar such as SPS-49 or the APY-1 on the E-3 Sentry will kill you in not very long at all.

                    That said, I think unless the birds have been landing on the center of the Flycatcher dish, there's some exaggeration involved.

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