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How long served at one rank before promotion?

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  • How long served at one rank before promotion?

    Hi Lads,

    I have searched but could not find an answer to my question.

    I realise there is an embargo on promotions etc but how long generally is a lieutenant a lieutenant before being promoted to captain? And then how long a captain before Commandant? I believe they are promoted by class so i am assuming there is some sort of time scale?


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    RDF or PDF?

    When you say by class I presume you mean PDF?


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      RDF 4 AS 2/lt, 5 as Lt before eligible for captaincy, so 9 years. 2 years then to be eligible for commandancy

      Commandants jobs filled by competition in the RDF.

      PDF is a little different, faster as it is fulltime.
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        Sorry I should hav said, PDF, and entering as a graduate so entering as a Lt


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          RDF promotion is dire

          one in a million get it
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          Officer: "Private. Do you have change for a fiver?"

          Private: "No, SIR!"