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Any info on GOH in 1 Southern Brigade?

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    Hery how can I get a GoH , Maybe I can become a rabbi m iman or something.. They should scrap all GoHTHEY ARE A WASTE OF TIME nad a pian in the OOLOX


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      Originally posted by Goldie fish View Post
      Unless that person is GUILTY of a crime within the state, there is no justification for withdrawing the rendering of honours.
      Whats justified in being a member of the church to receive honours? This kind of church/state bullshit needs to be got rid of.

      Its weird, If I started going round on my own talking to someone you cant see and I say I can feel their love, and that they love us all, I'd be regarded as a mad man.
      But if I did it with 100 or more, no, its a religion


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        If you started, fair enough.

        If you and those like you have been doing it for 2000 years and are still held in high regard by the state, and other nations.. thats a whole other thing completely.

        The same honours are rendered to all religious, regardless of faith or creed.

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          Remember the DFRs probably orginally date from the 1920s, it requires a Ministerial decision to change them and the Church was held in higher regard at the time.


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            I remember in past years units refused to give an eyes right when passing reviewing stands on Paddys day parades if it was known that a SF councillor or TD would be on the reviewing stand. However the honour is rendered to the office rather than the person
            used to be the tradition locally where the Mayor was invited to the blessing of the shamrock on the bks square on Paddys day until the wrong guy got the job..plain and simple army cancelled the ceremony and it never took place since.

            On the parade that after noon the car crews did not render honours to the reviewing stand and the army did not have an officer on the stand either.

            It was a slur on the office but no greater a slur that the cnut holding the office had placed on it by taking office.
            Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


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              Captains Guard of Honour -
              1) President
              2) visiting Head of State

              Lieutenants Guard of Honour
              1) Taoiseach or other member of the government
              2) Apostilic Nuncio, An Ambassador or Minister Plenipotentiary, accredited to Ireland or provided he is of the same rank, the head of a special diplomatic mission to Ireland.
              3)An Apostilic Nuncio designate, Ambassador designate, Minister Plenipotentiary designate on his arrival to Aras an Uachtaran or other appointed place for the purpose of presenting his letter of credance to the President.
              4) A military member of the Council of Defence or a General Officer Commanding a Command on the occaison of an official visit to a Barracks or Post.

              Officer Guards of Honour
              1) Commissioning Ceremonies
              2) Other occaisions authorised by the Adjutant General

              Cadets Guards of Honour
              1) An official visit of the Taoiseach or other government official to the Military College
              2) A state ceremoney when authorised by the Adjutant General
              3) A special military function within the area of the Curragh training camp authorised by the Adjutant General.

              Other Guards of Honour
              1) A Bishop or other ecclesiastic of higher degree
              2) A GOC on a visit to a military post within his command
              3) A distinguished personage to whom it has been decided that such an honor should be rendered

              So no need for people to get their knickers in twist the GOH is not specific to the Catholic Church and it is the same level of honours that can be rendered to any "distinguished person".