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Israelis Test New Hi-tech Rifle

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  • Israelis Test New Hi-tech Rifle

    according to todays star the israeli military is reported to be testing a new super rifle.

    From the star : "The rifle is composed of two parts ,the front :which can swivel from side to side, containing a pistol with a colour camera on top ; and the back section which contains the stock,trigger and a monitor"

    "The unique weapon - which allows the user to remain behind cover with only the barrel of the rifle exposed to hostile fire- is to be made by florida based US arms company Cornershot Holdings."

    there is also a picture to go with the article but im unable to attach it ,maybe some one else can
    Anyone need a spleen ?

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    Rifle shoots round corners
    THIS amazing new rifle has been developed which can shoot around corners.
    The front section swivels from side to side and contains a pistol with a camera to take aim with.
    The back has the trigger and a colour monitor.
    The gun allows a soldier to remain behind cover with only the barrel exposed in the direction of hostile fire.
    It has been developed by Israeli firm Cornershot and has been ordered by special forces around the world.
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    Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        I think the guys name is Dr Bob Ballard.


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          "has been ordered by special forces around the world." Anyone got specific details on exactly which special forces this information concerns....anyone think this weapon will find its way into the ARW armories?


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            All in all it's still a Pistol. With the same Accuracy and Range restrictions. It's use in FIBUA may be invaluble. But to use it effectively puts you right in Grenade Range. Nice Idea though.

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              Sturmgewehr MP43/StG44:

              (does it look silimar to anything, the majority
              were sent to the eastern fronth)

              often refered to as the worlds first assault rifle
              had many variants including the Krummerlauf,
              Krummerlauf a bent barrel with a persicope sighting device for shooting around corners. It was produced in several variants, an "I"-version for infantry use, and a "P" version for use in tanks (to cover the dead areas in the close range around the tank to defend against assaulting infantry), versions with 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°, and a version for the StGw 44 and one for the MG 42. Only the 30° "I" - version for the StG44 was produced in any numbers.


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                sorry , good idea to post the images as well
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                  had the range(if you could see with the optics) and stopping power of an assault rifle but very hard wearing on the barrol of the weapon it was attached too. This idea has been done before but did not work out.
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                    the most common type produced was the I version for infantry, used a lot in stalangrad
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