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22nd Bn Open Day

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  • 22nd Bn Open Day

    Hi guys,

    For anyone interested, A coy 22nd are having an Open Day this Sunday (2nd Nov) from 1200 to 1600 at their HQ in Ennis.

    There will be weapon displays and Dress and Drill displays throughout the day. The Bn museum will also be open.

    If anyone is nearby, pop in and say hello. The HQ is right beside the Garda Barracks.
    Sigs - No amps, no volts = no interest

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    Where exactly is Ennis?....


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      Seriously though, im from the North, and keen to join the Defence Forces within the next year or so. Considering the fact that i live up North it's a nightmere trying to get info on open days and relatated events.

      It would be greatly appreciated if someone could post some info on where exactly the event is, and roughly how i could get down to it.


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        step 1...
        Get a map..
        step 2...
        then fly to shannon...

        Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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          What sort of turnout was there?
          What was the age profile?
          Did the unit get any new recruits as a result of the open day?
          Was it worth the effort?

          The reason I ask is that the 21st had a fully manned and armed stand at a local GAA open day. Those who were interested in the weapons etc on the day will be eligible for enlistment in 2015!
          It transpired that the day itself was more about profiling the unit than recruiting.

          Regards etc
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