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Help wanted - seeking book on Army Apprentice School

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  • Help wanted - seeking book on Army Apprentice School

    Looking for some help.
    I served in the PDF in the 70's and 80's , enlisted in 1976 to the Army Apprentice School in Naas , 21st Apprentice Platoon and passed-out from there in 1979.
    I recently discovered that my only copy of the group passing-out photograph was accidently destroyed and this was of great sentimental value both to myself and my family.
    I have contacted An Cosaintor , Aer Corps Photography , DFTC and many others trying to obtain an a replacement , all to no avail , however , I have now learned that a book was published some years ago covering the Apprentice School's 40 year history with many photographs from the various classes. The book is called "Ni Obair In Aisce i" and was launched at the NCO's Mess in Ceannt Bks , Curragh some years ago - again I have been unable to obtain a copy.
    Any assistance in obtaining a copy of the photograph and/or book would be deeply appreciated and needless to say I will pay any costs involved.

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    Did you try DF Library in DFTC?


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      Its in the National Library

      Call Number View in Collection
      355 n 4/5 Main Reading Room Irish
      355 n 4/4 Main Reading Room Irish

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      Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
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        DeV , I did try the DF Library some weeks ago but no luck.
        There were photographs of each platoon in the Assembly Hall in Devoy Barracks but am unable to find out where they ended up when the barracks was closed and sold.

        Thanks for the pointer to the National Library hedgehog , I will certainly be chasing that up.


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          as an alternative if you are on facebook, join the Army Apprentice School group. You should be able to contact someone from your platoon to get a copy of your passing out photo


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            Evertonian, Oliver McCrossan is a Newbridge photographer who has been heavily
            involved down the years in the photographing of Defence Forces events in the
            Curragh Camp (now DFTC)

            Contact details below


            In fact, although I could be mistaken, he might have a studio/shop in DFTC itself, a
            couple of doors up from the camp Post Office

            He may well have taken photos of the event in question, or may know who did....
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              Many thanks for the replies.

              REX , I have now managed to find a copy of the photograph on the Army Apprentice School facebook group , your pointer was spot-on. There is a photograph of each class in this document if anyone is interested.

              Truck Driver , I will contact Oliver today and again many thanks for your help.


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                This didn't come out as well as I'd hoped it would.
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