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Army & Army Reserve Section Guidelines

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  • Army & Army Reserve Section Guidelines

    In order to keep this section operating smoothly, the following moderating guidelines will apply:

    1. Potentially sensitive/libellous/abusive threads or posts will be locked pending a decision, after which they will either be restored or deleted.

    2. This Section will be kept on-topic. Threads that are not army-related will be moved to the appropriate section or deleted. Posts will be deleted if they go completely off-topic.

    3. Posts mentioning individual's name(s) will be removed unless the name is the poster's own, already in the public domain, or that poster has the express permission of the individual concerned to mention their name.

    4. Chat-type posts will be removed, there is a chat-board available.

    5. Repetitive threads will be merged. Before you start a new thread, check if an identical one already exists first.

    6. Please make some effort to keep your posts tidy. This is not a mobile phone, and full words are encouraged. Things like punctuation and paragraphs are nice too.

    7. Topics solely related to the representative associations are not suitable for this section. Put them in General.

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