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Major Forest & Bog Fires, Army Call Out?

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  • Major Forest & Bog Fires, Army Call Out?

    Anybody got any information with regards this event?

    I heard something about fires in Donegal and somebody wanting the troops from Finner dispatched, which seeing as its a Bank Holiday Weekend will be a good trick.
    With many off duty men having gone home to Letterkenny, Lifford Sligo etc..etc..

    Connaught Stranger

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    "Are they trying to shoot down the other drone? "

    "No, they're trying to fly the tank"


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      Maybe ac aw139 s for dropping off fire crew but civil defence would be better equipped for this no?
      "The Question is not: how far you will take this? The Question is do you possess the constitution to go as far as is needed?"


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        Its happened before, the army been called out to assist in fighting "forest/bog" fires. In my time we (3 bn) were called out to fight fires in the bog of allen several times. There was also a supply of those rubber beater thingys and masks kept in stores.
        Anyone need a spleen ?


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          Well the Air Corps have a airborne fire fighting capability now too.....


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            The Defence Forces have been deployed to help a major operation to bring gorse fires in several areas of the country under control.

            Fires have been reported in counties Donegal, Galway, Mayo, Longford, Westmeath, and Down.

            Fifty troops have been deployed in Donegal and north-west Mayo and an Air Corps helicopter, equipped with a bucket, is flying missions to drop 1,200 litres of water at a time on the fires near Dunloe.

            A second helicopter is conducting a similar operation at the Foxford Pontoon area of Mayo.
            An operation to bring a number of gorse fires in Co Donegal has been called off for the night.
            "Fellow-soldiers of the Irish Republican Army, I have just received a communication from Commandant Pearse calling on us to surrender and you will agree with me that this is the hardest task we have been called upon to perform during this eventful week, but we came into this fight for Irish Independence in obedience to the commands of our higher officers and now in obedience to their wishes we must surrender. I know you would, like myself, prefer to be with our comrades who have already fallen in the fight - we, too, should rather die in this glorious struggle than submit to the enemy." Volunteer Captain Patrick Holahan to 58 of his men at North Brunswick Street, the last group of the Four Courts Garrison to surrender, Sunday 30 April 1916.


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              I remember in my early years in Finner Camp 1976,77,78, being dispatched with those rubber-beater thingy's to fan the flames of Forrest and bog fires in the Donegal, Leitrem and Sligo areas, after that the summers seemed to get progressively wetter.

              Connaught Stranger.


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                The Defence Forces have deployed Troops, Equipment and Aircraft to assist with fire-fighting efforts in the North West. Troops in specialist fire-fighting suits have been deployed to Dungloe in Donegal and Foxford in Mayo. An AW139 with a Bambi Bucket is currently dropping water on fires in Dungloe. A second AW 139 and Bambi bucket is being deployed to North West Mayo, while an EC 135 with an Army Engineer on board is feeding information on the overall situation to fire fighters on the ground.
                IAC AW139 tail No '279' has been operating extensively in the Donegal area while '278' is scheduled to operate in the Mayo area. 279 has dropped almost 50,000 litres of water in an effort to stem the spread of fire. An Air Corps EC135 heli is also assisting, carrying an DF fire fighting specialist operating as on-scene commander for the coordinated operation.
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                  Air Corps Ops staff are coordinating with local Garda and Fire Service personnel in the NW for the operation which is expected to carry on into next week. Qualified aircrews recalled and on standby at Baldonnel. Strong wind making task difficult. Civilian EC120 EI-MIK from Galway is also assisting on scene.
                  First AW139 flight Monday scheduled for lift at 0445hrs.
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                    Theirs not to make reply,
                    Theirs not to reason why,
                    Theirs but to do and die:
                    Into the valley of Death
                    Rode the six hundred.

                    The Charge of the Light Brigade


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                      The commentary on that is funny "That was class"
                      I knew a simple soldier boy.....
                      Who grinned at life in empty joy,
                      Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
                      And whistled early with the lark.

                      In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
                      With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
                      He put a bullet through his brain.
                      And no one spoke of him again.

                      You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
                      Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
                      Sneak home and pray you'll never know
                      The hell where youth and laughter go.


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                        Originally posted by Connaught Stranger View Post
                        I remember in my early years in Finner Camp 1976,77,78, being dispatched with those rubber-beater thingy's to fan the flames of Forrest and bog fires in the Donegal, Leitrem and Sligo areas, after that the summers seemed to get progressively wetter.

                        Connaught Stranger.
                        You were sent to help the fire burn????????????????????
                        Without supplies no army is brave.

                        —Frederick the Great,

                        Instructions to his Generals, 1747


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                          Originally posted by luchi View Post
                          You were sent to help the fire burn????????????????????
                          Well, that seemed to be the end result of much slapping and flapping spreading burning embers further afield.

                          I did much better when sent on the Dublin Fire Strike later, apart from
                          breaking a "Green Goddess" water pump much of Dublin remained standing
                          when we were leaving.


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                            Sometimes fires are deliberately started by fire brigade units to direct and control the flame front. It's quite common in the USA.