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  • Band of the 1st Southern Brigade

    I was recently lucky enough to be at a public concert put on by the Band of the 1st Southern Brigade, and it was nothing short of brilliant.

    Can anyone tell me where I could find a list of future performances by them or the other army bands?


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    just ring collins bks and ask for the band room during working hr's, there is alway's someone there who will let you have the info,

    keep safe.


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      Where are the pipe bands these days? I heard there was an ongoing disagreement with the Army school of music.
      Cant beat the sound of the massed bands though,always sends a shiver up the spine.

      Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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        Heard them in McKee Bks during the summer
        absolutly stunning:-patriot: :-patriot: :-patriot:


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          Massed Band Concert

          February 20th 2004

          City Hall

          Tickets available from City Hall.

          Christmas present idea perhaps.........

          Regards etc
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            Is that City Hall Cork or Dublin??
            Only the dead have seen the end of war - Plato

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              The one in February is in Cork. There is one in Dublin and I think that is usually held in October.


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                Any west of the Shannon?
                Keep the speed up...!


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                  Hi folks. I just came across this post by accident, albeit nearly 11 years late!! The Annual Massed Bands Concert in Cork will take place on Friday 21st of February this year. Tickets on sale from this Friday 14th February at Merchants Quay Shopping Centre. The Band 1 Brigade (as is the present title of the band) will play some short reitals in the shopping centre throughout the day on Friday. if you are interested there is also a Facebook page which posts up to date info on the bands activities.


                  As regards Pipe Bands. The Pipe Bands are still active although not quite on the same scale as before. As regards disputes with The DFSM!...well it's not realy for me to say but it could be something along those lines. I don't know the full story so i won't comment.