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  • Army Nursing Service.

    Do nurses in the Irish Army receive automatic commissions like those in other armies?

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    No nurses don’t receive a commission, but to listen to SOME of them you would think they did. This may have something to do with 99% of them being married to officers. Anyone unfortunate enough to spend a few days in an army hospital will understand what I mean.
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    Glaine ár gcroí
    Neart ár ngéag
    Agus beart de réir ár mbriathar


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      In the TA if you are a nurse you are automatically offered a commission, but if you are a regular you start at the rank of private. Most TA medical units are top heavy with officers ie Doctors, Nurses, Dentists etc. If you join as a nurse you will end up in a unit called Queen Anne Royal Army Nursing Corps this is seperate from the Royal Army Medical Corps but is part of the Army Medical Services. Dentists join the Royal Army Dental Corps they are commissioned automatically so too are Doctors. Nurses are commissioned for one reason only in the TA and that is retention if they were not commissioned very few nurses would join and stay on.


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        The Irish Defence Forces Nursing Service has its own unique Ranking System


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          Its not unique,it just follows standard nursing practice.

          Catch-22 says they have a right to do anything we can't stop them from doing.


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            Its actuall Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing corps.

            And yes Fianoglach I know exactly what you mean. The curragh hospital is like a day job for dissapointed officers


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              I know of a feloow once who turnned up at the door of the curragh hospital , (after crashing his bike ) his arm was broken and bleeding and his face all scrapped.

              He was asked what do you want..............


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                Medic you are quite right I stand corrected the OC of my detatchment is a QA , bang goes my commission next year, in guess what, the QAs.