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    Originally posted by GoneToTheCanner View Post
    @HA, Isn't that what the shiny new RG 32s are for? Fast rope out of what? raingear? Army solution in a rainy country? Buy yer own.
    shite but true.

    RG32's aren't for Recce Detachments, even then they're not suited to the role... For Close Recce at least. Choppers. Buy your own, isn't a good enough answer.

    Originally posted by Turkey View Post
    Err, would we not be better off concentrateing on an air mobile group, [helicopters] and , maybe, just maybe an amphibious landing group, and just leave the parachuteing to the danger wing and perhaps a small select reccee unit?
    There's no need for a parachute capability in Recce outside of the Wing.

    Close Recce doesn't go far enough to warrant it, Medium Recce is vehicle based and Stand Off Recce doesn't need it. All the long range stuff is done by the ARW, who already have that capability.

    Which is why all the talk in the DF of getting Recce detachments or Snipers para qualified is so pointless.


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      @HA, so what are the RG32s for then? Being shiny in the Curragh? As for buy yer own, well, I was expected, in the FCA, to fund my own combats and lots of other items and the same attitude prevailed later in the allegedly grown-up Air Corps (to a lesser extent, but it was still there) and from all I've read on this forum, it's an attitude in rude and unchanging health, which is not helped by the gear queers who insist on trying to dress like SF types at their own expense. I learned from experience that the only way to stop this shit was to refuse to play the game. I recall it coming to a head about lanyards and other items that were later determined to be the Minister's responsibility. If you are not being provided with safe and clean wet gear, then kick up a stink, especially if it concerns your health and safety. The DF should have learnt from the hearing debacle and if a stone-age attitude still prevails, then rattle a few chains about it. That might sound trite to you, from an ex-er, but sometimes you have to make noise. I'll bet the CoS has a fine set of wet gear. I don't see why his troops, who he is sworn to support, should have to operate to a lesser standard.

      parachuting? really, unless it has an operational role that helis can't deliver for non-ARW, why bother? Crazy thing is, you'll meet more DF at Clonbulloge under canopies than in the Curragh.



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        Originally posted by Hello Alaska View Post
        Which is why all the talk in the DF of getting Recce detachments or Snipers para qualified is so pointless.

        Whats all this about PDF lads being able to get rain gear? I'd of imagined thats hardly a sought after piece of kit?
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          The 2003-2010 pattern (seyntex) was grand when new but after a couple of washes was shite at keeping ou the water.In fact it acts in the opposite way like a sponge.
          The 2011)Cooneen,watts and stone stuff is worse.Like the old oil skins.
          Alot of lads are still buying BA Goretex suits for field wear.Sad thing is their was a genuine PTFE(goretex is a brand name) suit trialled in '02 and Officers going out to the Congo as UN observers get a variant of this.The rest of us get shite.
          As per.
          "Let us be clear about three facts. First, all battles and all wars are won in the end by the infantryman. Secondly, the infantryman always bears the brunt. His casualties are heavier, he suffers greater extremes of discomfort and fatigue than the other arms. Thirdly, the art of the infantryman is less stereotyped and far harder to acquire in modern war than that of any other arm." ------- Field Marshall Wavell, April 1945.


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            Not wanting to derail the thread but does using any of the nikwax products techwash and the like help this problem a tall? I didnt fwant to risk ruining a set of good wetgear to find out!!
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