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DPM's were they worth the wait?

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    I don't like the hood and I cut off all those stupid f***ing strings. Also the velcro fastening at the bottom is a load of shite. I replaced it with a button on my first jacket.

    I never noticed that the old combats were significantly more waterproof or warmer. With a full set of thermals, a t-shirt, norwegian, jumper, fleece and smock, I'm ready for the Arctic circle. Just gimme a bedsheet for camouflage:p
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    My favourite moment was when the
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      Still think the greens should have been retained as a barrack service.
      The smock was a definite improvement.yeah! cut off all the strings they make hany retaing string for eating utensilss swiss army knives torches etc.
      Loads of pockets .The hood is a complete waste of time.The trousers are abit trouble some but nothing a good tailor can't sort out.Would like to see the webing replaced for car crews ,security partys escorts with chest rigs far more practical.
      The first Cav opted to buy a few privatley but can be expensive.
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        As with most of the comments I think the new uniform is better than the old greens except maybe the fit.I don't know about you fellas but they were not made for us gals. :-patriot:


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          I'm with you there Murf..there was nothing at all wrong with the Working dress for normal training. Plus courses are not going to be as much fun now that you do not have 3 possible uniforms that you could be wearing at any one time(not including PT gear).
          I was pleased to see that the NSR have hung on to the Basic Working dress. It looks tidier than the baggy trousers and hanging out shirt of the DPM. That said though..the DPM is more "relaxing" to wear..
          I dont think it should be worn for ceremonial though. Its a combat uniform,by its nature is is not designed to be smart on the square..It pulls it off though. It was impressive Last year in the paddys day parade..think the novelty may have worn off this year,and all the many shades will appear..those who have worn and washed,and those who have not.

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