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  • A number of RTE reports from 1990.

    Fishery Protection

    ESB Staff Airlifted To Britain

    Naval Commander Retires

    Army Association

    Soldiers Injured In Lebanon

    Lenihan On Wounded Soldiers

    Sixth Battalion Receives UN Medals

    Clonmel Army Barracks

    Air/Sea Rescue Services Report

    Security For EEC Summit


    • Some fine Naval Officers in there

      Cmdre Brett was a nice guy, even let me carry his golf clubs once Joe Deasy the Navys First Diver , I see another face in the back round Jim 'Chippy' Carney, Commissioned from Ranks and a couple of other familiar faces.
      Covid 19 is not over's still very real..Hand Hygiene, Social Distancing and Masks.. keep safe


      • Was wondering if it was him.
        Willie Brett's son Martin is still serving. Nice Man too.
        German 1: Private Schnutz, I have bad news for you.
        German 2: Private? I am a general!
        German 1: That is the bad news.


        • A few more RTE reports from 1990.

          Fishery Patrol Gets Under Way

          Old Army Rifles To Be Sold

          Mountain Rescue Training

          Government To Buy New Executive Jet

          New Army Barracks In Cavan

          68th Battalion Train For Lebanon

          Chemical Warfare Suits For Irish UN