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  • Fca yay or nay

    ok so we all now know fire actions views on the fca. im currently a two star in the cav and i was just wondering......(be honest) what do you actually think of the fca?
    yeah, sound bunch
    no, bunch of wannabies
    Glaine áir gcroí
    Neart ár ngeag agus
    beart de réir ár mbriathar

    -"If people behaved in the way nations do, They would all be put in straight jackets" - Tennessee Williams

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    FCA yay or nay

    With regard to fire actions comments...Dont get me started.
    I'd like to know what the PDF would do if there was no FCA/Reserves.
    They would be F*****.
    Who else does their duties when they are overseas or on holiday!!
    I'm sure if he looks hard enough he will find that alot Of PDF who have left rejoin the FCA because they can still do the soldierin and have less hassel.
    I've known some FCA privates who are better trained than some PDF.

    I'm for FCA all the way
    :-patriot: :-patriot: :-patriot:


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      Fire action obviously never served much time with an FCA unit and is just spouting the old PDF line that FCA are wasters, if fire action bothered to check out he FCA he would find a professional and dedicated force. In my experience most PDF staff are at first reluctant to server with the FCA but after having done so they are VERY impressed with skill and dedication.


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        Eh, well if it doesn't bother you stop waffling about how much it doesn't bother you, no army can operate on 8,500 men it's that simple so everyones job is safe until they decide to stop calling it an army....if the PDF are such action men they shouldn't be nerding away on a pc slagging off people they've never met...they should be out driving taxi's like most of the big mouthers do.
        "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke


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          I wonder how many people like Fire Action would give up their free time to do a relatively thankless job, get hassle from their boss, use their "holidays" for courses and not get paid for most of it and when you do, for most people it is less than their weekly salary so they are losing money?


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            I agree totally ICUN, as you say how many would get up at 8 goto college/work all come home and go straight to a barracks. Im not trying to slag da pdf cos they do a good enough job. My brother is in and as he says all the time the difference between the PDF and RDF is that its their job and more of a hobby to us. When he says hobby he means in the sense of all the training we do without pay.


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              Ok, I’d like to play Devils Advocate here. Everyone has been slagging off Fire-Action without realizing that he, as a fellow DF member, has a legitimate viewpoint, and in fact its on shared by a lot, if not the majority of PDF. In fact the worst critics of the FCA I’ve heard are people who’ve left and joined the Regulars. In reality that the FCA is made up of two types of member, the committed “part-time professional” as I think most board members are, and the gobshite, time-marking scrounger after cheap beer and a bit of craic who make up the other half of the strength. For anyone to say that the FCA is made up of soldiers who match the standard of the PDF is ludicrous. If such soldiers exist in the FCA they have probably either served with the PDF or a foreign army, because the FCA alone simply does not provide the level of training to its personnel to bring us to this level.

              The proposed integration is a brilliant idea and the two-tier reserve which it will create will be very beneficial in that it should filter the personnel according to interest and time invested in training etc. However if it leads to a situation where FCA personnel go into units with this attitude of “I’m better than you, I’m a soldier as well as a welder/doctor/barrister/priest” then it will be a disaster for everyone. I would love the opportunity to serve with a PDF unit, but I realise that as a FCA NCO I would be embarking on a steep learning curve, rather then slotting seamlessly into a full time role.

              I know I’ve probably pissed off some people but everyone has to remember that the reserve is made up of about 14,000 and to focus on the 3000 who give a shit and ignore the rest is being a bit unrealistic.


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                Indeed it's hard to even optimistically describe the reserve as effective (apart from it's recognised roll in churning out PDF recruits), even with massive improvements the RDF will not be the same as the PDF, and it's not meant to be.
                We are here to supplement the PDF not supplant them, so whether we can do their job is not the issue...our concern is doing our job.
                However that a large percentage of the reserve are not capable of this is no reason to tar us all with the same brush; the PDF are not subject to judgement solely on the basis of the barrack rats and the skivers, neither should we be judged by the standards of the holiday campers and old pissheads who pollute our ranks.
                Don't forget that the PDF wasn't in such great shape only 6 years ago, I just want to be judged on my own merit and I'm all for toughening the standards and kicking out those who don't make the grade.
                "It is a general popular error to imagine that loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for it's welfare" Edmund Burke