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Defence Force at Bisley in 2004?

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  • Defence Force at Bisley in 2004?

    As a Brit who spends his spare time shooting at Bisley or staying with friends in Co Galway can anybody tell me if we will see the Defence Force sending a team over for the 2004 Service Rifle Meeting this year?
    Well Hurrah and Hussar!

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    Is this the event? :

    The ARA co-ordinates and plans the British Services Central Skill at Arms Meeting (CENTSAM), run in June and July each year on the Bisley and nearby Pirbright range complexes.

    Over 700 competitors from the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force and military teams from the United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa and the Sultanate of Oman and now also European nations, come together to compete in the most difficult series of competitions fired on the most advanced ranges in the world, to select individual and team winners.

    The matches are all combat based and run in accordance with the current British Army Operational Shooting Policy for the rifle, light support weapon, sniper rifle and pistol.


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      But I don't think for a moment there will be the sort of numbers shown on the web site competing due to operational commitments this year.
      Is there much in the way of shooting in Eire say with Lee Enfields?
      Well Hurrah and Hussar!


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        Unfortunately not, as .303 isn't currently legal here. I know of one No.4 converted to .243 though. There are a few people shooting Swedish Mausers too.